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Pietryla PR & Marketing: Scaling Businesses Digitally

Every business wants to communicate their brand message in a sophisticated way that resonates with the target audience. Innovation plays a vital role in crafting the right message at the right time for the right market. One agency that excels at all three is Pietryla PR & Marketing. 
Pietryla PR & Marketing is a boutique PR firm in Chicago. It works with clients that are managing a watershed moment, be it launching a new product, seeking funding, going through a branding shift, or implementing a new automation strategy. It serves the energy, materials, and professional services sectors.
Diverse Range of Services 
Pietryla PR specializes in media relations, marketing automation, crisis communications, communication content development, and corporate strategy.
It also offers copywriting, digital marketing, and online reputation management services. In addition to those core services, its broad range of solutions also includes:

  • SEO strategy and execution
  • Blog writing
  • Press release, case study and article copywriting
  • Feature story writing
  • Surveys and marketing data
  • Website and blog development
  • Social media strategy
  • Event planning and management
  • Project management
  • Investor relations

An Experienced Leader 
It is not easy to find a PR and marketing person who is also well-versed in running a successful business. Christine Wetzler, Founder of Pietryla PR & Marketing, does possess that unique confluence of skills.
Over close to 20 years of practice, Christine has assisted clients throughout significant Mergers &Acquisitions (M&A), funding announcements, product launches, and strategic thought leadership programs as well as directed policy-changing public affairs campaigns.
Throughout her career, she has worked with high-profile clients as like Dow Chemicals, 3M, Rexam Beverage Can Americas, International Truck and Engine Corporation, and the Hyster Company as well as for startup companies like and Oval Brand Fire Products. Since 2002, Christine has been in private practice. For most clients, she typically serves as an interim CMO or department lead.
Leveraging Challenges as Opportunities 
Pietryla PR has been in business since 2002 but was founded almost by accident. Christine was an account director at a downtown agency, where she personally managed close to $1 million in billings. When the agency closed, many of her clients simply asked to continue working with Christine.
Christine took a brief hiatus from her business to serve as SVP at a Chicago tech agency. This was terrific for her in terms of broadening her portfolio and leadership skills, but ultimately only confirmed to her that she preferred managing her own firm.
Started as a means to an end, Pietryla PR turned into an excellent proposition for small and medium-sized businesses that needed the strength of a major agency’s expertise but didn’t want to pay the associated high fees.
Christine and her team have helped two companies to manage their Initial Public Offering (IPO) while she has served as director of communications for three clients, written and produced 12 annual reports, and has had two key pieces of legislation introduced. As success followed success, the firm’s reputation grew and the number of clients grew even faster.
A Wider Perspective 
The recession of 2009 and the gig economy forced change upon what had been working for Christine for almost 10 years. In 2011, she went back into public practice in executive positions to broaden her experience, waited for the recession to pass, and learn a bit more about the overall PR ecosystem.
When she returned in 2014, a new and improved consultancy hung out its shingle. This time, Pietryla PR & Marketing decided not to focus purely on media relations but offer an integrated approach.
Many agencies are still isolated. As a result, they offer disjointed results, which can incapacitate smaller clients that do not have the budget to absorb mistakes. Having one point of strategic thinking will smooth over the rough spots in a quick-reaction communications plan. This is what Pietryla PR & marketing now offers.
It is a single point of contact to its clients’ senior leadership team for smart results. This breaks the silos that stall creativity and innovative thinking. Sometimes, it works as just the brain, like an interim CMO. At other times, it is the brain as well as the hands, like an entire marketing department.
Distinguished Versatility 
Pietryla PR prides itself on its versatile range of capabilities. One of their strengths is the ability to scale at short notice in response to a client’s needs. The company utilizes technology and a vetted on-demand team to meet the requirements of every project and in any place, geographically or online
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