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PickUp USA Fitness

PickUp USA Fitness: Thriving with the Goals of Fitness and Transformations

Revolutionizing fitness and play, PickUp USA Fitness is offering people a whole new way to engage in physical activity. Basketball beginners can take classes and receive training at the franchise, which also plans and oversees matches with referees and staff members who have undergone extensive training.

With numerous basketball courts, a complete fitness center, a cardio room, a plush lounge, a retail store, a towel service, and much more, the company offers basketball enthusiasts a veritable paradise. The crew plans the back-to-back, ten-minute pickup games that are played there. All games are timed, scored, and refereed by CBOA-trained officials at PickUp USA.

All week-long, hour-long basketball boot programs are offered by PickUp USA. Basketball skill development and conditioning are the main topics covered in the classes, which are conducted by qualified trainers. In order to accomplish basketball-related goals, private training is also an option.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, the team at PickUp USA shares how they are transforming health and athletics in the USA.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What was the initial idea behind the inception of PickUp USA Fitness?

PickUp USA Fitness wasn’t always a fitness club. We started off as a single-court facility that offered one service: adult-officiated pickup games. The goal was to eliminate the hassles that come with regular pickup games by having referees to keep the games safe and organized. As our member base grew, we added additional basketball and fitness equipment.

What are the primary objectives and philosophy of PickUp USA Fitness?

What started out as a single-service facility is now the nation’s only one-stop-shop basketball-focused fitness club. Our objective is to provide communities with ‘A Better way to Play’ with our world-class facilities. We realize that there’s a huge need for court space nationwide. Whether it’s AAU teams, basketball programs, and trainers looking for court rentals to host basketball tournaments and training or adults looking for consistent, organized pickup games, PickUp USA Fitness has everything basketball under one roof.

What are your top-notch offerings that have a strong foothold in the industry?

There are many fitness centers and sports complexes, but none specialize in basketball. PickUp USA Fitness has services for two groups: youth hoopers and adult hoopers. Adult hoopers have access to officiated pickup games, tournaments, private training and a fully-equipped fitness room. Youth hoopers have access to our own Youth Development League, private and group training, rec games, and vertimax and performance training. In addition, each facility is equipped with specialized basketball training equipment, such as the Dr. Dish shooting machine, to help them take their game to the next level.

What are the roadblocks that PickUp USA Fitness faces in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

Though we are an established company, that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. There’s still a lot for us to learn, and sometimes we make mistakes that might interfere with our program, but we don’t consider it a bad thing. Instead, we see it as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, improve our systems, and create a better guest experience.

How is your company adapting to market orientation?

First and foremost, we focus heavily on the guest experience. We send out surveys to our guests nationwide to hear what they like about our clubs and what areas need improvement. We also work with our franchisees to get a better insight into what’s in demand. From there, we look at the data to see if we need to improve our services or if there’s a service in high demand.

A great example of this is how we expanded our youth services. While our initial goal was to enhance the player experience for adults, we learned that there aren’t enough places for kids to train or simply enjoy the game of basketball. Upon this realization, we launched our Youth Development League, which aims to introduce kids to the game of basketball and help them develop their skills.

What is your stance on implementing innovative technologies?

Innovation is highly encouraged in our company. That’s one of the benefits that our owners appreciate about our franchise. We’re always looking for ways to improve our systems for our franchisees and services for our guests. We have an online database that gives our owners access to any support, training, and resources they need throughout their entrepreneurial journey. We also have a unique web-based app to help members keep track of our game queue to help them maximize their time in the gym.

In what traditions is your company contributing to the communities?

One thing that our entire company has in common is the desire to give back to our communities. Each of our owners has the desire to invest back into their community through basketball. In the past, we’ve had basketball skills clinics, youth basketball camps, food drives, and invited guest speakers to share their knowledge with the youth. Some of our owners are especially dedicated to helping the youth develop valuable life lessons, like discipline and commitment, through basketball. We’re happy to help others fill a need so that they have the opportunity to make a positive impact in their community.

What is the next chapter for PickUp USA Fitness?

We’re excited to grow exponentially across the nation. We have awarded over 60 territories nationwide and currently have locations in 13 different states. We have a highly selective vetting process to ensure that we find the strongest candidates to award territory to. We’re not looking for someone with the most money or a stacked resume. We look for dedicated, hard-working candidates whose vision aligns with ours.

Provide a few customer/client testimonials that rightly exhibit your company’s expertise in the market. (If applicable/permissible)

The way I see PickUp USA impacting my community in San Antonio is that it gives a space where everybody can be able to learn basketball regardless of age. You can go through our group or private training and just have a safe space to be able to play basketball and enjoy playing the game you love.” – Jesus Sanchez, Owner of PickUp USA Fitness, San Antonio

I’m excited to offer ‘A Better Way to Play’ to those who love the game of basketball. Years from now, players will credit our franchise for helping advance their game.” – Justin Marshall, Owner of PickUp USA Fitness, Shreveport.

Playing pickup basketball in the inner city for years, you get into fights and arguments. We’ve eliminated that. We’re creating a safe space for kids, for adults, for men, for women to play basketball.” – Wayne Hruslinski, Owner of PickUp USA Fitness, Warminster.