PickUp USA Fitness: Improving Basketball Experience for Players

In an interview with Insights Success, Founder and President of PickUp USA Fitness, Jordan Meinster, shares valuable information of PickUp USA Fitness and about its contribution as a fitness franchise. PickUp USA Fitness is the first and only basketball-focused fitness club concept operating in the United States. The demographics for its clubs’ customers are amazingly diverse with services for men, women and children as young as 5 years old; and skill levels from beginners to experts. Its gyms offer traditional amenities like weight & cardio rooms for the 60 million people nationwide that are gym members. Combine this with basketball-focused services for the 30 million people nationwide that participate in the sport, it offers a tremendous opportunity to build a great business in one’s neighborhood. PickUp USA recently announced a multi-unit partnership with NBA veteran, Rudy Gay.
Below are highlights from the interview between Jordan Meinster and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of your company and its vision. 
PickUp USA gyms are basketball-focused fitness clubs that offer group and private basketball training, weight and cardio rooms, and our main feature – PickUp basketball with referees. We serve youth and adult clients in clubs across the country.
What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by PickUp USA Fitness? 
What set us apart are our unique basketball-focused offerings. We provide fun yet challenging basketball boot-camps and results-oriented private training sessions for our athletes to learn and develop their skills to achieve their goals. Another key differentiator is our organized and officiated PickUp Games. Our members have the opportunity to play in daily competitive PickUp Games that retains all of the fun aspects of pickup basketball yet cuts out all of the hassle. We combine these basketball services with full weight/cardio rooms, and deliver a true fullservice fitness club to our members.
What are the special franchisee strengths that make PickUp USA Fitness unique from its competitors? 
PickUp USA delivers a system-oriented structure that provides fitness entrepreneurs a substantial head start to their road to success within the industry. Our corporate team is enthusiastic to provide round-the-clock assistance to help franchise owners achieve their goals and grow the brand as a whole. The franchise owners are all basketball enthusiasts that have strong business backgrounds. This has helped create a team of franchise owners that are highly passionate about our offering, and that have the business acumen to drive strong operational and financial performance.
Describe the experiences, achievements, or lessons learnt that has shaped the journey of the company. 
The development process that brought us from an initial concept to where we are now has been a challenging yet valuable journey. We’ve learned countless lessons through the rough road of trial and error as to how to best meet our customer’s needs and thrive as an independent gym. Name an obstacle and we’ve probably overcome it. From site location, to construction, to scheduling, to staffing, to training, to sales; we’ve encountered the whole gamut of challenges and can now confidently implement our tried and true system to fitness entrepreneurs looking to avoid those same pitfalls. Most importantly, we have learned from the customers and always structured our services based on what the consumers are demanding. After seven years of operating experience, we have a business model in-place that has been crafted through experience and adapting to consumer preferences.
Where does PickUp USA Fitness see itself in the long run and what are its future goals? 
We are less than three years old as a franchisor and can now boast sites in 4 states with additional sites pending in 3 other states. The sky is the limit because basketball is a truly global sport. We envision ourselves to being a nationwide brand that will be operating in all 50 states and possibly beyond. The focus of the company is on delivering strong unit level economics at each franchise location, and continuing to refine the model to ensure PickUp USA delivers world-class service to the customers, and strong economic returns for the club owners.
Testimonials by Clients 
I was previously a member at 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness, but after finding this hidden gem, I instantly knew this was the gym for me. PickUp USA Fitness is more than just a basketball focused fitness club. They have a fully equipped fitness room that is never packed and is easily the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to Starting our month long membership, father & son bonding while getting fit! Great staff, clean facility everything you need to get in game shape conveniently located off the 210 freeway 10min from Dena! Come get it in and see for yourselves. 
I finally have a “go to” place to play b-ball without having to gather 10 friends and rent a court. I can go everyday knowing that there will be to people to play a full court game. The gym is nice and clean and I can play ball for cardio. I think the best part about this place is that the facility and equipment are well maintained. 
About the Leader 
Jordan Meinster played PickUp basketball his entire life, and always envisioned a gym that would improve the basketball experience for the millions of players across the country. After close to a decade in financial services, he launched PickUp USA in 2011, and began franchising the concept in 2016. There are currently PickUp USAs operating across the country, including multiple locations owned by NBA athletes. Jordan aims to deliver “A Better Way to Play” to communities across the country, and to drive strong financial returns for PickUp USA franchise owners.