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Peter Chen | Co-founder & CEO | SecuX Technology Inc.

Peter Chen: An Ingenious Mind Ensuring Safer Use of Blockchain for Mankind

Leadership is all about painting a picture of better future and then putting all the efforts to walk along the path to make it happen. If the picture is about serving better for the mankind, it takes an ingenuity, a sharp business acumen, and perseverance to make it real. An avid entrepreneur, Peter Chen is on a mission to develop comprehensive security solutions to ensure mankind enjoy blockchain technology safely. Dr. Chen is the Co-founder and CEO of SecuX Technology Inc., a blockchain security company dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions to secure people’s valuable digital assets in blockchain. Dr. Chen formulates company’s competitive strategy and lead the team to achieve company’s goal.
A Strong Background 
After graduating from the Electrical Engineering Department of National Tsinghua University with an MBA from National Taiwan University, Dr. Chen went to the University of Wisconsin to study for a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. He then obtained his PhD in Management Science from National Chiao Tung University. In 1997, he founded Aiptek which listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange in 2003. The company’s main products are consumer digital cameras/digital camcorders. Aiptek successfully distributes own-brand products, distributed to more than 60 countries globally and it has become one of the top 3 consumer DC/DV brands in many regions. He is also the Chairman of Chiwan ConVestMent for the time being, with a focus on relevant investments in AI and Blockchain. Besides these, Dr. Chen has also been honored as an outstanding alumnus of Tsing Hua University Taiwan, a National Distinguished Manager of Business Managers Association and has been a winner of the Entrepreneurship Association Award.
Delivering Secured Future 
According to Dr. Chen, the era of blockchain is coming and it shall change people’s lives eventually, however the security threats cannot be ignored. SecuX is dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions not only to secure people’s valuable digital assets in blockchain, but also to ensure human enjoy blockchain technology safely on blockchain 2.0 and 3.0 in the future.
Secondly, Dr. Chen also believes that blockchain technology breaks the rule of existing international transactions. The blockchain enables four things. Transparency: Anyone with access to the network can view a history of transactions in real time. Immutability: No one entity is able to change past data without alerting the network. Lower cost payments: Blockchain allow anyone to send money to anyone without an expensive or corrupt intermediary. Efficient provisioning of identities: Blockchain can create and manage identities for people in a lower cost, secure way through digital signature technology.
Striving to become a Global Leading Company 
Dr. Chen states that as a startup company, SecuX is positioning as a device company by offering high security and easy-to-use cryptocurrency hardware wallets initially. In the near future, SecuX will transform to be a global leading security solution provider for both business and consumer markets in blockchain industry.
To sustain its competency, the company-

  • Establishes blockchain technology building block to provide a competitive adaptive and flexible solutions for its target consumers and business partners,
  • Offers variety of solutions and formulate innovative business models to ensure clients’ satisfactions,
  • Builds up flexible and productive supply-chain ecosystem to ensure cost competitive, time-to-market and high quality products and service, and
  • Establishes global sales and service bases to provide its users and clients timely and high quality services.

Valuable Learning
“Life is a Journey. Starting a new venture is never the easiest but the most exciting part”, mentions Dr. Chen. In each enterprise life cycle stage, he has learned important components which include, Introduction/Start up, where he learned that one should just start up with passion, because imagination is the only limit. Second is Growth, where he learned that one should enjoy the grow but also “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. Next is Maturity, where one should think outside the box. Last is Decline, where he learned to never give up, as he believes that what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.
Encouraging Young Minds
In the opinion of Dr. Chen, vision, passion, knowledge, communication, and integrity are some of the essential attributes every leader should possess.
In his advice to the emerging entrepreneurs, he states, “Life is not made of Atom, but Story.” He encourages all young minds to write their own story and start their own new venture. He further adds, “Things may never go as your plan! Just do best and follow your heart! After all, nothing will come as good as you wish and nothing will go as bad as you fear.”