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Pete Pallares | Founder & CEO | Center for Social Dynamics

Pete Pallares: An Active Associate in Autism Awareness and Treatment

As a parent or caregiver, you may be wondering how to keep your child’s development on track through school closures and other COVID-19 precautions. During this time, when social distancing might be necessary, you and your child can continue behavioral health treatment through Telehealth. Center for Social Dynamics (CSD) is a company that offers specialized assessments, evaluations and treatment as woll as diagnostic services to meet the developmental needs of the child with his/her particular way to learn. The company’s multidisciplinary team, incorporating behavior analysis, occupational and psychological therapies, is committed to providing individualized and cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services. One such team member is Pete Pallares providing unparalleled support for your child and your family.
Devoted towards Specialization
Pete Pallares is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Social Dynamics. Active in the field of autism and developmental disabilities for over 25 years, Pete has devoted much of his time working in research, diagnosis, and the treatment of autism across our communities, cultures and languages.
As CEO, Pete oversees a team of highly qualified clinicians and administrators develop and implement individualized treatment programs for children and families diagnosed with autism utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis and the cultural and linguistic context within their geographical location. Pete has provided intervention programs for a wide range of patients from highfunctioning children to very challenging individuals. His specialization includes unpacking and analyzing cultural dynamics within a setting, an environment, or an individual. Pete also has a foundation, The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation, and his leadership and work on social equality and diversity has received national recognition.
Originally from Barcelona, Spain, he spends time in his native country and the Bay Area helping families affected with autism. Pete is currently an active member and presenter for different organizations that focus on Autism treatment and awareness and has also been an associate to important autism research studies conducted by the Department of Public Health and Kaiser Permanente. Pete has also received recognition from Inc5000 and SFBT as one of the US fastest growing companies in the last 5 years and has been a recipient of the EY entrepreneur of the year award.
Treatment through Telehealth
Telehealth through the pandemic has taken over the industry. Telehealth – delivering health care services, health education/coaching and treatment through a live video call. It primarily facilitates patient self-management and caregiver support for patients through real-time training, consultation, and delivery of services. Simply the convergence of technology, its digitalization, and security will have a huge impact on the patient experience…and that is why and what Pete Pallares is here for. Also, the ability to simplify through innovative ideas the day of a clinician is key in what the Center for Social Dynamics does – It is a constant.
Pete’s Foundation
The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation was created in 2017 to help individuals and families impacted by Autism nationally and internationally. “This is the job I want when I grow up!!” says Pete.
Pete Pallares feels that the team is finally becoming a proper foundation. Pete is getting much better at fundraising and the ideology behind it. The Foundation is constantly supporting organizations and causes that have a great impact on people’s lives. Next for Autism is one of the organizations it collaborates with. Also, the support it provides to communities in terms of awareness and advice is big as well as the attention to minorities and how they access services in the healthcare industry are important for the company.
From the Leader
The term leader has different meanings for people but what Pete Pallares clearly knows is that leadership is a hard, daunting job of passion and emotions. “For most of us, it takes much more than learning the latest theories of operations and management and operate from a manual; it is about transforming ourselves, shares the leader. Pete had to embark on an inner journey of self-growth, tolerance, and patience to achieve results for his families and the organization he wanted. Both CSD and The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation require a different view but a similar type of character and personality.
Continuous Support
The world of healthcare is a frantic one in the US! Pete Pallares hopes to continue helping families and creating high-level administrators in five years. In terms of the foundation, in five years hopefully, the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation has strong branding around Pete’s space and it continues to support and fund organizations and practitioners. Pete is very focused on growing CSD and having his foundation active and operating to the best of his ability. The Founder always tries to focus on things he can control, so his team gets most of the attention.
Diversity and multi-culturalism are the principles and foundation of why Pete Pallares started organizations that provide care for others. Both CSD and the PPAF are built on the core components that diversity, equality, and a multidiverse population make the society stronger and the world better in all aspects. So, from day one the team has been always very active about what they believe in. Only recently those core values are making headlines and political campaigns. The team has always been a diverse community at CSD and the PPAF. It will always be.