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People First: A Productive Way of Working

A decade since the recession, and despite advances in technology, productivity in businesses has continued to decline across the globe. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace report, only 15% of employees are truly engaged at work. They, along with other experts, believe that business can do much to alleviate the problem. But the question is how? Cue People First by MHR International. People First combines cutting-edge technology with game-changing ideas to put employee engagement and wellbeing at the heart of business processes. The platform simultaneously improves employee wellbeing and business outcomes through the promotion of flexibility, skills development, networking and flow. MHR International is a specialist provider of HR, payroll and analytics software and services based in Nottingham, UK. Established in 1984, MHR has gone from strength to strength with consistent annual revenue growth, and now supports over 1,000 organisations both in the UK, and more recently globally, with the launch of People First.
A Dynamic Way of Leading
MHR was established by John Mills, Chairman, in 1984 to supply human resource and payroll software services to various clients on ICL VME and IBM 370 mainframes. In 2017, Anton Roe, who joined the company in 1989 as a trainee, took up the role of CEO for MHR as well as People First. Before taking role of CEO, Anton served as CTO for six years. He is a dynamic and versatile company director, expert in the planning and management of complex business programmes that drive corporate vision, increase profits and deliver exceptional results for customers.
Creating Happier, Healthier and Productive Workplace
Despite the proliferation of HR technology, employee engagement, productivity and overall job satisfaction are at rock bottom. Unlike other HR solutions that offer ‘more of the same’, People First tackles these issues head on.
People First harnesses the power of AI, bot technology and analytics to help individuals better understand what makes them tick at work, ultimately helping them to spend more time in the flow. The result is an HR platform and work ethos fit for the modern workplace, built using ground-breaking technology to remove the fundamental barriers to employee engagement and productivity.
The utmost thing that stands behind People First is its desire to help human resources deliver a shared, personalised and profitable experience for all employees in the world of work. This philosophy pervades everything the company does. Rather than creating a solution to support the existing world of work and replicating established procedures and processes, it has created a new approach and backed it up with the latest technologies to help not only with the current productivity crisis, but to address the future of work. This approach results in a happier, healthier and more productive workplace for everyone.
Keys to Improve Organizational Performance
There are a number of key elements that frame People First with its improved organizational performance.
First is the People First Alliance, which promotes a new partnership between employers and employees based on mutual respect and trust. It recognises that both parties bring value to the workplace and encourages an open and grown-up dialogue. It’s a different way of working, but one that allows everyone to engage and thrive as adults within the reality of modern work.
Second is Flow. Flow, otherwise known as ‘being in the zone’, is where employees are fully focused and immersed in their work. When in flow, employees are at their most productive. This state also has massive psychological benefits for the employee, including feelings of value, ownership and belonging. Represented graphically within People First, leaders can see the flow of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. This analysis can be used to predict overall business performance or flight risk, and to improve employee enjoyment and wellbeing.
Next is the Personal Digital Assistant, the People First Chatbot, which helps employees manage their daily workload, speeds up HR transactional processes, and answers their work-related questions – and is accessible anytime, anywhere via smartphone or tablet.
People First embraces AI and Pragmatic People Analytics in a manner that is natural and accessible, so that they are only noticeable by their results. It absorbs data from employees’ day-to-day work via the Chatbot, which operates like a Fitbit for work, learning their patterns and checking in with them at suitable times. This data is useable by employers and employees alike, and more importantly, is useful in understanding employees’ enjoyment and performance.
Progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals with real-time check-ins, encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback. People First facilitates Augmented Check-ins, where managers and employees discuss progress, tackle issues right when they arise, and evaluate how the alliance is going. This helps managers to get to know their team on a human level, something that is crucial in the modern workplace.
MHR believes that, the powerful combination of technology and thinking behind People First will improve the employee experience and organisational performance and delivers a product for the future, today.
Staying Ahead of the Game
MHR will continue to invest in People First to ensure that it stays well ahead of the game. The company has put in motion the process of reimagining how work should be and will continue to push boundaries with the adoption of new technologies and thinking. The platform will continually be developed to allow individuals and organisations to successfully and joyfully progress well in to the future.
Exemplifying Satisfied Customers
“As the world of work is getting faster and in some cases more demanding, the People First platform allows us to embrace hyper personalisation in the context of HCM. From our perspective, applying AI technology to free us from the mundane tasks of work life so we have the freedom to focus and be ‘in the flow’ is an important pillar of our competitive advantage.” Emberson Group
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