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Peloton Group: The Backbone of Innovation and Business Transformation

Peloton Group (“Peloton”) is a nationally-recognized leader in Integrated Cloud Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Big Data-Analytics. Peloton provides comprehensive guidance and solutions through its Advisory, Consulting, and Managed Services. Peloton uses its deep functional and technical expertise to assist clients in the Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, Aerospace and Defense, and Financial Services industries. Unlike other industry experts, Peloton’s business and technology professionals have a unique, innovative, and collaborative approach to achieve results.
Peloton Group is committed to assisting clients to leverage analytics, drive business transformation, and achieve optimal performance. Peloton’s holistic approach drives business transformation for its clients by envisioning and delivering high-value and high-quality practical solutions from end-to-end.
Specializing in Understanding Business Transformation
Focused on building a culture based on an inspired purpose and core values, Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder, believes that working with the right people in the right organization can help achieve business results faster. For 20 years, Guy Daniello’s specialty has been understanding that business transformation is really about change management – helping people adopt and adapt to technological change within a company. The force behind any successful organization is its people. “Having a great leadership team and the right people on board, helps us foster a culture that supports innovation and change in others,” states Guy Daniello.
Culmination of Experience and Innovative Services
Peloton has been at the forefront in driving today’s rapidly changing digitized financial landscape. Long before the buzzwords like ‘Big Data’ were used, Guy understood that the ability to analyze data assets within the larger strategic purposes provides a unique competitive edge. Speaking about what distinguishes Peloton from their competitors, Daniello says, “The fundamental concept behind Peloton is helping companies leverage information to be more efficient and effective in how they operate and to perform faster in their respective marketplaces. We strongly believe that using a holistic, transformative approach focused on people, process, and technology is the key.” Providing the right enabling technology gives Peloton clients a highly accurate, 360-degree view of their financial systems and operations, and helps them stay ahead of the market and the competition. The driving force behind Peloton’s and its client success is its unique, collaborative implementation methodology. The standard software implementation approach tends to keep a client at arm’s length and results in minimal solution adoption and potential rework. Peloton’s Breakaway™ methodology reimagines the standard implementation as a fully collaborative engagement, requiring the clients to participate in each stage of the project from day one to go-live. The Breakaway™ Methodology immerses the client in the proposed solution using visualization and simulation techniques early on in the project life-cycle. Business adoption modelling sessions merges enabling technology (software), business logic (client requirements), and an environment (platform to host the software) with stakeholders to drive consensus and increase learning and drive adoption throughout the project lifecycle.
A Learning Organization
“At Peloton, our people are our most valuable assets. The knowledge, passion, and dedication that we provide to our clients is the beating heart of our business. Our Peloton family is made up of collaborative individuals who are continuously striving to provide our clients with the best service and solutions for their unique business needs. Peloton’s culture embodies opportunity, innovation, and growth. We have dedicated our Fridays to knowledge sharing, collaboration, building relationships, and career growth. What sets us apart from our competitors is our investment and confidence in our team members,” adds Daniello.
Peloton invests in the latest technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud, to ensure it’s people have hands-on experience with the latest capabilities of the tools to implement for the clients. The team engages in frequent training, certifications in the technology platforms that Peloton supports, as well as the softer and business process skills have played a vital role in the company’s unrelenting goal to provide the best services to its clients. By refining its advisory and implementation methodologies, Peloton ensures that its experiential learning and development capabilities remain current with the change in technology and pace of innovation.
 “The Greatest Project”
LogMeIn, which provides software as a service and cloud-based connectivity services located in Boston, MA, is a great example of how the full life-cycle approach, collaborative implementation methodology, and innovative team culminates in client success. LogMeIn needed a consistent planning and reporting process that could seamlessly integrate with its existing cloud-based Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Peloton Group partnered with LogMeIn to launch a clean-slate implementation of a single cloud-based planning and reporting solution, Enterprise Planning Budgeting and Cloud Services (EPBCS).
Peloton helped LogMeIn to modernize and fully integrate its existing ERP system into a single comprehensive planning and reporting system, ultimately enhancing its visibility into the end-to-end financial and operational processes of the business. Peloton implemented EPBCS – with all four business processes; financial statements, workforce planning, capital asset, and project planning – providing LogMeIn the ability to take a long-range view of its current and future needs. The transformation resulted in a flexible, scalable, and maintainable system that modernizes the financial forecasting and reporting needs of their existing and new business.
A promise to Lead the Future
Peloton will continue expanding the breadth and depth of its industry specific teams, across the value chain. Peloton leads the transition to the cloud and expands regionally to serve their US-based and multi-national clients. As the technology landscape changes, Peloton aims to continue to lead the pace of change and be the backbone of innovation.