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Pelemix: A Global Agronomic Support and Marketing Network

Coir is used across the globe as a medium of growing various crops : vegetables, soft fruits , nurseries, plant propagation, and finally bedding plants both in its pure form and in many specialized mixtures suited for different growing specimens. Pelemix is a leading company in the coir substrate market for professional growers with sales and technical support in more than 30 countries.
The company has a group of five co-founders who hold extensive experience of agriculture and different horticulture sectors in growing vegetables- plants-pot plants-flowers in greenhouse or net houses or high tunnels backgrounds. They use their professional experience for successful results in hydroponics growing and potting mixtures which results in making of products that can match the crops needs considering irrigation; fertilization; different climate conditions; efficiency; fruit quality and cost effectiveness.
The company makes use of the advanced technology and machinery along with high quality materials to produce different blends of coir based substrates that are used in all forms of horticulture. It was first privately established in the year 1998 in Israel and now has production facilities to process and supplies the whole range of products – from the raw material itself, up to the final derivative in Sri-Lanka, Thailand, India and an under construction another facility in Mexico.
It also has one of the biggest unit in Europe substrate mixing operation as part of Pelemix Spain production and sale operation, Pelemix has managed to cross all the “bridges”  – supplying coir and Substrates   a long with pre & after sales services which was not an easy task as it has clients in different territories with about more than 10 different languages who need prompt and reliable solutions.
Basically, Pelemix is all about reliability, flexibility, professionalism, and integrity.
Services Rendered by Pelemix
Pelemix is a market leader in the coir (coco peat) substrate market for hydroponics farmers and nurseries. It specializes in producing different ready-to-use chemical and physical product that matches the high-quality needs of professional growers. It also provides the clients with a complete follow up of service by its agronomists team on a regular basis and also on special requests.
It supplies a whole range of products including Growbags, Universal compressed bales, Open tops, blends and other Coir particles in different sizes/weight for various uses.
Every year it successfully produces and delivers compressed products in more than 1800- 2000 / 40 feet containers as well as 1500 trucks of loose coir and peat of different substrates mixtures in different type of packages.
Man behind the Leading Agro Solution Provider
Eli Shalmon, International Marketing Manager & Co-founder at Pelemix LTD. He has business management degree with specialization in marketing. He holds experience of 11 years CEO in one of the biggest ornamental nurseries management in the Mediterranean and, for about 5 years, he was involved as VP of operations in the biggest tomatoes Greenhouse and other agriculture sectors in Israel.
Shalmon is well known in coir industry because of his knowledge and experience in production and managing the sales operation worldwide. He also plays a very important role of market strategies when it comes to coco peat. He believes that “The Hydroponics production method enables growers to get great crop results while saving water and fertilizer.  It also allows growers maximum control over the crop growth. The water control and savings allows hydroponic growers to meet the growing regulations in many countries, which have resulted from water scarcity.”
Pushing Beyond the Boundaries
The company believes in selling the products produced by the well trained professionals with modern technologies, which are favorable to the specific weather condition and type of greenhouse, irrigation system but foremost the crop type. Although the path company has chosen is not that easy but the reason behind is that they can monitor the production process carefully through a modern laboratory, a research and development center and provide services through the highly respected agronomy-consulting firm.
Main strengths of the company are in crop based solutions for vegetables, cut flowers, soft fruits & blueberries, MMJ (Cannabis) and different types of plants nurseries. To stand firm in tough competition against others, there is a need of strong workforce for which company has employed 550 people in production including sales and agronomy support worldwide.
Future Perspectives
Pelemix’s goal is to create the most advanced Coir (Coco peat) solutions for professional farmers worldwide, while allowing various customers to achieve high yield, excellent quality, and high profitability.
The company has various plans to increase its capacities with the modern production technologies although it has already reached at the final stages for some of the production methods. It is currently building and expanding its offering to the berry market, with the target of reaching 10-12% of company sales in this market in near future.
Company very well agrees on the fact that Israel is very small market when compared to the potential worldwide market but also believes that it has a lot of ideas when it comes to traditional crops and even the new ones. Best example for the same would be the MMJ [Medical Marijuana] segment where Israel is number one in developing strains; growing methods and handling processes. This provides Pelemix’s team with inspiration and learning using which they serve their clients around the globe.

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