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PDFI: A Reliable Provider of Defensible and Accurate Digital Forensics Solutions

Founded in December 2016, Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI) provides strategic consulting, data recovery and investigation, and managed data services to commercial, non-profit, and government organizations. The strength of PDFI lies in developing and delivering innovative solutions and services and an out-of-the-box approach that addresses today’s digital evidence and electronic data challenges. Its solutions mobilize the right people, skills and technologies adding value to customer operations, increasing their capabilities, and enhancing their ability to complete their missions. PDFI are proven performers in solving mission critical and complex technological and data management challenges.
As a CVE certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), PDFI is committed to good professional practice and to providing the highest quality and best valued innovative solutions and services on the market today. The company accomplishes this through reliably delivering timely, accurate, and thorough results, remaining compliant with industry accepted best practices and standards, and continually improving its business processes through communication, education, innovation, and technology.
Inspiration behind the Inception 
After working in the digital forensics industry for almost two decades, the Founder of PDFI Clayton D. Schilling witnessed firsthand the out of the control growths in data and the accelerated technological evolutions that are now plaguing the digital forensics industry. The reality is now, there is just simply too many devices and too much data to collect, process and analyze everything. Practitioner, investigators, and legal teams need to change the way they think, start leveraging technology to their advantage, and focus their examination efforts on relevant digital evidence and electronic data only.
Realizing the absence of suitable solutions and services, he decided to build an agile company that could flex with industry changes, grow as needed to meet demand, and provide innovative solutions and services to help its customers manage today’s ever-growing challenges associated with the rapid advancement and proliferation of digital devices. “The key is being able to take off the blinders and think outside the box. Leveraging technological advances and improved examination methodologies, such as automation, AI, and triage will be needed to keep pace with the fast-evolving digital landscape.” says Schilling.
According to research, the digital forensics market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9% through 2022; and PDFI is strategically poised to address this growth and help its customers navigate its challenges.
All-inclusive Digital Forensics Solutions 
PDFI technology experts and forensic professionals analyze, research, design and implement solutions in the areas of:
Strategic Consulting Services 
PDFI powered strategic consulting services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance supported client’s operational and technical performance. By incorporating industry best practices into organizational business processes and management strategies, PDFI helps supported clients stay ahead of the competition and better serve their customers. PDFI consulting services include:

  • Business Strategy & Planning Support;
  • Strategic Change Management & Facilitation Support;
  • Process Development and Assessment Services;
  • Training

Data Recovery and Investigation Solutions and Services 
PDFI solutions leverage innovative technologies, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and digital forensic industry best practices to provide efficient end-to-end data collection, preservation, processing, and analysis solutions for criminal and civil investigations, eDiscovery, post intrusion incident response, and intelligence collection missions. By incorporating PDFI’s creative solutions, industry accepted digital forensic best practices, and international quality standards, PDFI ensures the timely production of defensible, accurate, and reliable high-quality deliverables. PDFI services include;

  • Computer Forensics / Media Exploitation
  • eDiscovery Ÿ Mobile Device, Tablet and UAS Forensics
  • Incident Response / Network Forensics
  • Audio / Video Forensics

Managed Services 
PDFI managed services focuses on providing resources and innovative solutions that help supported clients improve and streamline their operations and cut expenses. By incorporating PDFI’s managed services into business processes and management strategies, PDFI helps organizations stay up-to-date on technology, gain access to current skills, and address issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. PDFI services include;

  • Data Storage / Digital Evidence Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing Ÿ Resource Management
  • Technical Support

Future Aspirations 
PDFI’s goal is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the digital forensics and digital evidence management needs of supported clients world-wide. This means being the best in terms of customer value, customer service, employee expertise and competence, innovation, and providing impartial, accurate, and defensible solutions and services consistently. With that in mind, PDFI has developed innovative solutions that not only enhance digital evidence management capabilities, but also improves examination methodologies using automation and AI to reduce collection over ages, improve processing turnaround times, and significantly reduce digital evidence backlogs. “At PDFI, we strongly believe technological advances and improved examination methodologies are needed to keep pace with today’s ever-increasing digital volume,” says Schilling.
In the near future, PDFI envisions building a 5000 sq.ft full service digital forensics laboratory in Northern Virginia and getting it accredited under ISO/IEC 17025; a move that will place it among only a handful of private accredited providers in the world.
Excellence Personified 
Clayton D. Schilling is President and Chief Executive Officer of Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. He is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s short- and long-term strategies with a view to creating innovative defensible solutions and exceptional customer value. A proven industry leader, with extensive experience in digital forensics operations and organizational management, Mr. Schilling has worked in, managed, and assessed accredited laboratory environments and has built local and regional federal and private digital forensics laboratories and programs from the ground up.
Mr. Schilling has spent more than 27 years supporting federal law enforcement beginning his career as a U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent, joining the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Digital Evidence Laboratory as a Group Supervisor after retiring from the military, and in April 2012, joining CACI, Inc. as Forensics Senior Manager and Laboratory Director of the CACI Digital Forensics Laboratory (CDFL); a full service ISO accredited facility he built from the ground-up. He is a certified ANAB Digital Forensics Technical Assessor and has assessed federal, state/local, international, and commercial digital forensics operations and was the first and only digital forensics practitioner to sit on the ASCLD/LAB Board of Directors, prior to its merger with ANAB in 2016.