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Thierry M | MEIMOUN CEO FOUNDER Paytweak

Paytweak: Where All Your Digital Payment Needs are Met

In an era of everything-internet and virtual reformation, digital safety, security and privacy holds peak significance. Malware, torjan, phishing, so on and so forth can only be the tip of the iceberg if we take into consideration the breaches that have taken place in renowned banks and financial institutions across the world. In light of such situations, as end users or business owners, turning to a safe, secured and trusted digital platform for all our finance-related tasks is of utmost necessity.
With the intent of bringing companies that offer the aforementioned safety and trust, into spotlight through this edition titled, 2020’s Most Trusted Payment and Card Solution Providers, we at Insights Success have the privilege to introduce you to Paytweak.
Paytweak develops innovative payment management services to enable companies to accept secure electronic payment on all channels, globally. The company facilitates collection, down payment, distance selling and payment at the point of sale via its unique functionalities on the market.
Paytweak’s proprietary technologies combines Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with its revolutionary infrastructure and makes it both the expert and leader of secure remote payment. Connected to all buyers and all PSPs around the world, the company triggers instant payments that speed up collections and reduce customer payment times.
Features that Exhibit Distinction
Paytweak is an efficient way to collect all your distant payments. Simple, fast and 100% secure, the following features evidently make Paytweak a class apart:
Ease of Use:
Choose existing payment request messages or simply create/upload your own – Fill the amount and the customer’s e-mail address or mobile phone number and securely send the payment requests through the Paytweak’s anti phishing patented technology or through your usual software.
Encrypted and Fast:
Digitally signed – Customers receive secure messages via Paytweak, meaning they can clearly identify you and make payments in total confidence.
Enjoy Profitability:
All payments comes directly into your bank account – You save on intermediaries commissions/fees and receive your funds without delay.
Offering Business Excellence
Paytweak offers business owners with great features that make it easier to collect payment. It helps to make payment methods more profitable since businesses pay fewer fees and be more efficient. Below are a few of Paytweak’s B2B offerings:
• Secure Online Invoicing:
Create e-invoices following your models with an integrated payment method, reduce late payments, litigations and disputes – Send digital invoices customized with your logo and colours with innovative payment methods, so your private and/or professional customers can pay faster and more easily. Follows your Model: Paytweak makes an identical copy of your invoice, using your numbering system and integrating secure payment methods. Scheduled Payment: Plan the creation and sending of your invoices in advance, in batches or via your software. Tracking and Traceability: The digital invoice means information can be tracked and shared in your information system. Accounts Export: Export your accounts to your internal or external accountants
Travel Industry Payment Services:
Paytweak has popularly become the instant payment service for tourism and hospitality professionals, allowing them to confirm bookings in one click and authenticate remote cardholders, and delivering complete protection from fraud. With Paytweak you can authenticate remote cardholders with 3Dsecure, and protect yourself against fraud. You instantly get on-screen notifications of secure payment and pre-approvals, as you talk to the customer. Payments are processed in real time and guaranteed by your bank. With Paytweak you secure the remote sales process from start to finish, and protect your image as well as the privacy of your customers’ bank details.
Call Centre Payment Services:
Paytweak secures telephone payment during the conversation like no others and allows you to make phone sales happen. This allows you to put your customers’ minds at ease and receive payments over the phone, while your customers’ bank details stay private. Paytweak makes all your process DSP2 and RGPD fully compliant. With Paytweak’s innovations recommended by the Banks and PSP around the world, you can remotely authenticate card holders in real-time, preserving yourself from fraud and maintaining the customer relationship at the highest level of requirement. Paytweak triggers, secures and manages remote payment while you are on the phone, notifying you when it has been processed and preserving your customers’ brand image.
Debt Collection Services:
Paytweak reduces your need for working capital by optimising receivables management. Its innovative process automates the invoicing and collection process, scheduling customised friendly reminders according to the scenarios you set. To limit litigations, Paytweak manages the creation, sending and payment of your digital invoices. The solution also allows you to set scenarios for customised reminders in the event of late payment. Paytweak’s SmartScheduler gives you complete vision on sums outstanding and reminders sent, allowing you to intervene at every stage of the process. You become more available for your customers.
To learn more about Paytweak and its offerings, click here.