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Pat Kehoe | Founder & President | PK Network

Pat Kehoe: An Insightful, Savvy Marketing Professional

Founded in 1989 by Pat (Patricia) Kehoe, PK Network (PK) is one of the oldest and most successful advertising and marketing agencies serving cable, broadband, technology, and new media. Under Pat’s leadership, the company has established itself as a specialist in branding, marketing and creative strategies, launches, sales promotion, and digital video. PK’s clients have included many of the nation’s leading Fortune 500, as well as new and emerging companies.
Staffed by a talented in-house award-winning account and creative team, as well as a network of senior executives, PK Network believes in the power of innovative and engaging storytelling. Leading this team, Founder & President Pat Kehoe has never wavered from the core principles of big ideas, an openly collaborative process, and the end game of helping great clients grow their brands.

“Small agency savvy. Big agency results”

PK Network from the Ground Up
Pat Kehoe started PK Network by providing marketing strategy, advertising, promotion, and public relations for three of the world’s top 10 media companies: ABC, Bertelsmann Music Group, and PolyGram. She continued to expand the company’s roster with branding, multi-cultural, image, issues, and digital campaigns for communications distributors such as TCI, Helicon Cable, Insight, Bresnan Communications, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, and Charter. For over two decades, PK Network has handled corporate initiatives, acquisition, and branding for Mediacom, the Nation’s 5th largest cable company, and is the agency of record for Mediacom Business. Her agency’s most recent accomplishment is showcasing Mediacom’s logo that the agency created as the main uniform sponsor and stadium signage for ACF Fiorentina.
PK has also orchestrated launch campaigns for Food Network, iVillage, CD 16 (Music Choice) America’s Health Network, PSN as well as media, digital and affiliate campaigns for companies such as Playboy TV, History Channel, Fantástico, Outdoor Channel, C-SPAN, ACA, and Sony Music. In the tech sector, PK includes PPC, the world’s largest manufacturer of connectivity devices, Empereon call center services, ConTec International,180 Connect, and Shore Communications a national installation companies, among its clients.
The “Go-to” Agency to Launch and Grow Brands
Today PK Network is recognized as one of the longeststanding, full-service, woman-owned marketing and communications agencies serving the cable, broadband, technology, and new media segments. Over the years, PK has earned a solid reputation as a start-up specialist, and the “go-to” agency to launch and grow brands; to fill the sales funnel and to utilize marketing-driven creativity to generate results.
During its 30 years in business, PK has supported numerous charitable organizations like New York Care, Cancer Research and Treatment Fund, Cable Positive, Catholic Charities of Orange County, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, and People’s Music School of Chicago with pro bono services. She is a member of the board of directors of Cable TV Pioneers and served on the Cable Positive board as well.
30 Years In The Making
Pat Kehoe, a native New Yorker, has an undergraduate degree from Loyola University Chicago, and she holds a master’s in communications from the New York Institute of Technology. Prior to founding PK Network, Pat held marketing positions at leading communications companies, including NBC. She was on the launch teams for A&E and Lifetime and was a founding member of Showtime’s Viewer’s Choice, pay-per-view service.
For the past three decades, Pat and her staff have garnered over 40 personal industry awards and citations. Ms. Kehoe was named among the Irish Voice’s Top Women of Influence, Cablefax’s Most Powerful Women in Cable, and has received numerous awards celebrating her business expertise. The agency has netted numerous Telly Awards, SIAA and Mark Awards for television, print, digital and other advertising campaign work.
Partnerships with Other Companies
The success of a boutique agency like Pat’s extends beyond its talented in-house staff by expanding its team with a “network” of mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies. Through these partnerships, PK Network is able to expand its areas of expertise into multi-cultural campaigns, research and partnership marketing. PK’s network provides clients with top line services from pros with proven success. She will continue to aggressively expand the “network” into the future.
Sports, Entertainment, and Events
Recently Pat expanded the firm’s sports roster by launching brand and awareness campaigns promoting international soccer team ACF Fiorentina in the United States with media campaigns for ICC Championship games and event programs including a Times Square takeover and a float in the New York City’s iconic Columbus Day Parade. PK’s sports expertise includes programs for ESPN, YES, NFL Sunday Ticket Bar Market, Pan American Sports Network, and One World Sports. PK Network is the agency of the record for the legendary New York Cosmos.
PK’s national consumer and cable system advertising and affiliate marketing campaigns spurred the growth and popularity of on-demand and pay-per-view programming. PK produced more than 30 campaigns for movie studio releases and sporting & music events, like ththe historic 25 Anniversary Gala at the Met to U2 Zooropa Live to ESPN-ABC College Football Subscription On-Demand.
Challenges Then and Now
In 1989, when Pat Kehoe started her agency, PK Network, it was not an easy road for women business owners to achieve lines of credit from financial institutions and borrowing power from vendors. Women needed to go the extra mile to demonstrate their value and expertise, in addition to proving their financial acumen, to even be considered for support.
Today, women entrepreneurs need to have faith in what they do and the decisions they make and have the courage to stand-by their convictions. They need to understand the competitive marketplace, hire smart people who like what they do, treat their client’s with respect, and reward their employees when their company does well.
Dynamic and Decisive
“There are three key attributes women share that they can depend upon to propel their careers and their business: intuitiveness, fearlessness, and kindness. These traits are attributed to all women, but specifically applying them to business and career gives women added advantages. Being intuitive is beneficial in weighing the eventual outcome of projects and relationships. Being fearless allows women to be perceived as dynamic and decisive in and out of the board room. Practicing kindness demonstrates strong women leaders’ abilities to inspire and motivate relationships among all levels of business associates.”—Pat Kehoe, Founder & President, PK Network.