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Pat Geary: Leading Marketing Industry with Innovative Tactics

A renowned Czech-French writer Milan Kundera once said, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” And, the celebrated Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author Peter Drucker said, “The aim of marketing is to understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”
Innovation is the backbone of any business; rather it forms the foundation of a successful company. In any enterprise, everything begins with an idea, then starts manufacturing but what takes the company ahead and in people’s notice is an effective marketing and advertisement strategy. The successful entity/personality who is redefining marketing with innovative strategies and tactics is Pat Geary, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Prism.
With a vision to focus on what the market wants, Pat is responsibly creating innovative marketing strategies, inspiring people to drive that with the same passion with which he is doing. He is an extraordinary marketing professional with over three decades of rich work experience in international marketing across various levels from large multinationals to startup software and hardware businesses. Prior to Blue Prism, Pat has served Searchspace, the world’s first enterprise AI platform and launched world’s first global Internet TV platform, Livestation as its CMO.
Another major factor which makes Pat an exceptional name in the world history is that he is the man who invented the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the year 2012 and it has eventually become the global IT software category of which Blue Prism is now the market leader.
Renovating Marketing Strategies to Lead the Industry
Before leading the marketing team at Blue Prism, Pat has led various international corporate marketing roles at Sequent Computer Corp and DEC. He is also a member of Advisory Board of the CMO Council, a winner of CMO of the Year 2016, a member of the NOA “A List” 2016. Pat has also played a critical role in launching, building and monetizing innovative technology including the world’s first 64-bit computer, the world’s first enterprise first enterprise AI and Machine Learning technology and also the world’s first Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) software company.
While most marketing officers work on the strategy end developing the company and marketing architecture and execute plans to improve communications through events at the brand level, Pat believes a good CMO is the one who understands them all and links them together as that is what makes one an expert in all the fields and not just one, that is what build teams which can deliver exceptional outcomes. He defines the position of the CMO as the person who maintains coordination and leadership.
Pat maintains extremely integrated teams and trains them in a manner that their products are sold on the vision of the strategic workforce. Belonging to the sales background, Pat understands the concern of marketing strategies and tactics, even the grey areas where marketing professionals generally lack.  Understanding the lacunas of marketing professionals, scale and importance of what the digital workforce is there to do, he initiates strategies at Blue Prism to be a market leader.
 Redefining Tactics to take Blue Prim to Reach Sky-High Limits
Pat’s strategies and their engagement with senior stakeholders about how a digital workforce can solve than many problems larger companies face while handling operational costs, accuracy, agility and regulatory compliance has helped his organization to achieve success. Under his leadership, Blue Prism’s sales team helps the partners with the deal from the beginning. This primarily involves with the partner to supply information, or visiting the client directly.
Our customer success managers – they work with the customer and the partners to make sure that there is a successful deployment of the technology. They make sure that the operating models are built correctly and that the robots are configured to the best practices. We also offer post-deployment customer service. Our dedication to all of those aspects is part of the reason why, last year, 100% of our customers renewed their licenses, and a vast majority increased the number of robots they were using,” says Pat.
Even though more than five-thousand software companies are formed in the California alone every year, Pat is fighting all the odds and making his contributions leading the industry. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science honors from the prestigious University of New South Wales, Pat is carrying well ranked academic background and developing IT propositions and successfully taking them to the global markets.
About the Innovative and Promising Company leading the Industry
With offices in London, Manchester, Austin, Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Bangalore, Sydney and Toyko, Blue Prism was formed by a group of process automation experts in 2001. The company currently operates in the Financial Services, Energy, Telco, Insurance, Logistics, BPO and Healthcare sectors but the technology is truly industry agnostic as the digital workforce tackles rules based administrative work.
Blue Prism is widely known as the inventors of Robotic Process Automation Software Company. The company has built up its position in a way that has re-positioned itself as the business self-service robotic process automation software for the enterprise. It provides a new generation of operational agility software which utilizes the latest technology to help organizations like Barclays npower, The Co-operative Financial Services and Shop Direct manage complex business processes, linking people and systems seamlessly and effortlessly to target changing business goals.
Blue Prism works across a range of industries including call centers, utilities, telecoms and banking. Using its Operational Agility Software Suite, the clients of the company enjoys the benefit of accurate and consistent process execution, lower customer churn, lower staff turnover and lower operational costs. With a vast experience in the industry, Pat has joined this company to develop its marketing propositions to ensure driving more and more value for its customers and address new and exciting marketing opportunities.
Under his guidance, the company tackles a number of major business issues including the factors in which how business responds rapidly to business events to maximize revenue potential, whilst managing costs through operation efficiencies, how can the business assets, customer data and the myriad of complex systems and processes that exist in the enterprise today be rapidly harnesses and aligned into new operational processes which rapidly address the business levels.
The company has also developed a powerful technology which works on the point and click integration, and a methodology for hyper-rapid automation of operational business processes, delivering significant benefits to existing customers and providing a launch pad for remarkable propositions at very high speeds, which operate within enterprise architecture and operational standards, delivering operational agility. This is how Pat is bringing innovative methods to take the industry to new heights while addressing market needs for integration at the speed of business.

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