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Park Place Technologies: Delivering Exceptional Maintenance Services

In this digital world, most work equipment relies on framed architecture with stable storage, server and networking hardware. Understanding the complexity and evolving nature of this model, Park Place Technologies (LLC) stepped into the market to help companies realize their business goals through more effective use of technology.
Since 1991, Park Place Technologies has provided an alternative to post-warranty storage, server and networking hardware maintenance for IT data centers. As the world’s largest pure play post-warranty data center maintenance organization, the company supports more than 15,200 organizations in over 141 countries. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Park Place currently employs nearly 1,200 people, and maintains offices across the globe, including in San Diego, Denver, Boston, Toronto, London, Wiesbaden and Singapore.
Shaping the Future 
Taking Artificial Intelligence, digital transformation, and cybersecurity into consideration, Park Place is shaping its future in order to serve value added services to its customers. As Artificial Intelligence continues to expand in adoption, its benefits are now being recognized at the enterprise level. According to a recent report titled Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital Frontier, out of 3,000 C-level executives, only 20% of respondents had adopted AI at scale in a core part of their business. This is an area where Park Place sees tremendous growth opportunity, specifically when it comes to service and support.
According to Park Place, as companies innovate, there needs to be a conscious effort to efficiently allocate budget. Third party maintenance services can go a long way in freeing up mindshare and budget for IT programs looking to shift resources towards the future. Secondly, servers that are running software application designed to detect and act on cyber-attacks play a very important role in cybersecurity. From the company’s standpoint, supporting hardware and ensuring that server hardware is available to run security-based applications is the key for the security of its customers.
Proactive, Predictive, and Secure 
When Park Place says, “Smarter Data Center Support,” it is referring it to many elements of its work. Smarter Data Center Support is proactive, predictive, and secure. It is ParkView™, a revolutionary service that proactively detects equipment hardware faults 24/7 across storage, server, and networking products that are maintained by the company. The related alerts are then securely transmitted to Park Place Technologies’ technical operations, enabling more timely and accurate failure diagnosis, part identification, and necessary repair actions. It is termed as revolutionary service due to its key features which include proactive fault detection, faster response and resolution times, accurate part identification, faster first-time fixes, extremely secure, non-disruptive, fully supported, easy implementation, and full visibility.
Smart Data Center Support is a single pane of glass, with its Central Park Portal, which allows its users to open, monitor and close tickets, and manage their Park Place relationship, all on one convenient and intuitive portal. Smart Data Center Support is a better customer experience. Instead of the antiquated and industry standard path of several interactions, all leading to a guess at what may be wrong, ParkView facilitates a direct, predictive, proactive method for solving issues that saves time and allows its users to allocate capital and human resources to more productive areas of their business.
Smart Data Center Support is better service. Park Place can engage with you 24/7, with on-staff support staff, triage experts and advanced engineers, from almost any corner of the world. Park Place serves 141 countries with a “follow the sun” model that allows the company to keep clients’ critical systems up and running, from San Diego to Boston to London to Singapore.
Smart Data Center Support is saving 50%, guaranteed. Park Place delivers all of its services, across scores of OEM platforms, at a 50% savings off client costs. That’s not a promise; it’s their guarantee.
An Architect of Leadership, Innovation and Change 
An elite team of Park Place is led by Chris Adams. He added the role of Chief Executive Officer of Park Place Technologies to his status as President in January 2019. Chris’s most recent role was President and Chief Operating Officer for Park Place, where he oversaw global operations, finance and all Mergers & Acquisitions activity. During his 10 years at Park Place, Chris has served in a wide range of leadership positions across operations and finance, touching all areas of Park Place. Chris was instrumental in orchestrating 10 acquisitions over the past two years and growing Park Place from a North American to a Global organization. Under his stewardship, Park Place has grown from fewer than 250 employees to a global employer that counts nearly 1,500 people in its family.
Chris serves as executive sponsor of the international Park Place STEM initiative as well as other community-based programs focused on teaching computer skills in underserved schools. His goal is to foster a culture of partnerships that makes Park Place a destination work environment focused on career growth for all associates. Apart from this, he is an active thought leader in the tech industry, contributing bylines to many publications, and speaking at conferences around the world such as Gartner.
Testimonials from Park Place’s Clienteles 
“The support and response times I received on this incident were BETTER than ALL similar incidents that I opened with the OEM maintenance support. I am extremely impressed with the service I received today.” – Ismael Hernandez, The Larson Group
“You guys are fantastic!! I am really impressed with the service and really appreciate the effort. I can go away next week with peace of mind now that this power supply is functional.” – Belinda Daniel, City of Port Colborne
“Great and prompt customer service. The technician calling and the ones coming on site are very proficient and professional.” – Steven Christensen, CloudWave