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Paladion: AI Driven MDR Provider for High Speed Cyber Defense

Today, the cyber security industry is undergoing a huge shift. Traditional defenses, processes, and security technologies are not holding up against today’s sophisticated cyber threats. The need for better defense has paved the way for a new model that the industry recognizes as Managed Detection and Response or MDR, a service that provides deeper threat detection and rapid incident response.
The Enterprise Security industry is therefore moving away from traditional, purely preventive cyber defense systems to a more proactive approach by adopting a Incident Detection and Response approach. While preventive security technologies will remain and support a more advanced security program, enterprises need more. Paladion delivers AI driven Managed Detection and Response services to help enterprises to create resilient cyber defenses. They are a pioneer in the use of an AI platform that uses 4 different analytics or sources and still remains the only MDR provider to offer such a platform.
Global Cyber Security Expert
Paladion is a global cyber defense company with over a decade of experience in cyber security. They provide AI driven Managed Detection and Response services that include Threat Anticipation, Threat Hunting, Security Monitoring, Vulnerability Management, Incident Forensics, Incident Response, and Breach Management. The company also provides several point managed security services such as DevOps Security, Red Teaming, Cloud Security, and more. Paladion is currently the only MDR provider to integrate user behavior analytics, end point analytics, application threat analytics, and network threat analytics into a single AI platform to provide deep threat discovery and swift response to cyber threats. The big data AI platform combines 4 different analytics sources and looks at the entire IT stack of an organization to achieve high speed cyber defense. The platform is driven by a large MDR team that has over 17 years of experience under its belt. Paladion currently services over 700 plus enterprise customers globally.
Architect of Paladion
Rajat Mohanty is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paladion. With highly developed business acumen, deep knowledge of the strategic advantages of technology and strong leadership, Mr. Mohanty has transformed Paladion’s business model from its initial focus on high-end security consulting into today’s managed cyber security business with Paladion’s proprietary RisqVU and Newton platforms. This transformation is in response to both customer needs and market opportunities. World-class services in Managed Detection and Response, security operations, vulnerability management, and more have been pioneered by Paladion under Mr. Mohanty’s vision as an industry veteran.
Under Mr. Mohanty’s leadership, Paladion has amassed a long track record of successful customer acquisitions and partnerships to expand Paladion’s portfolio, enter new market segments and enlarge the company’s addressable market opportunity. He has expanded the company’s marketplace beyond large enterprises to commercial and small-medium businesses, broadened the company’s industry alliances, and established new sales partnership and distribution channels in the US, India, Middle East and South East Asia. He has championed Paladion’s commitment to the Total Customer Experience, to consistently exceed customers’ expectations for quality, service, innovation, and interaction. Acknowledging Paladion’s growth under Mr. Mohanty’s leadership, Deloitte awarded the fastest growing start-up award seven times in a row and analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, and IDC has placed Paladion in some of their most respected market reports.
Mr. Mohanty has received a Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing Science and Engineering in 1993 from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing and Finance from XLRI Jamshedpur, India in 1998. He possesses over 22 years of experience in Information Technology and over 18 years of experience in the Information Security domain.
Distinctive Strategies for Success
Paladion’s team believes that cyber defense is not a problem that can be solved by just throwing people at it, especially when there is a growing shortage of skilled cyber security resources. So, automation and AI are the ways forward and are already the top priority for Paladion. Their cutting-edge Newton platform which was the result of their past cyber battles is addressing this need. The platform is already validated by leading technology advisories and is recognized for innovation, strategic application, and user-friendliness. They are currently the only large MSSP that is recognized as a mature MDR player with a proprietary AI platform that can take in information from all available sources for comprehensive, effective cyber protection.
Safeguarding Consumer Data with the Integrated Shield of Emerging Technologies
Paladion uses its own proprietary technologies and leading third-party solutions to protect customers’ data. Paladion provides the most comprehensive and integrated managed detection and response service in the industry by combining AI, Security Automation, and a large MDR team. Paladion’s offering covers every phase from intelligence, analytics, SIEM, incident forensics, and response playbooks to breach management. Paladion’s SOCs are also regularly audited for top security performance and to maintain their extensive industry certification.
Benefits for Clients
Paladion clients get the benefit of full, next-generation detection and response technologies. Their MDR uniquely integrates these technologies into a single platform, ensuring there are no lags for customers when performing tasks across different products. “We respond to attacks on our customers in minutes – not days. No traditional MSSPs or other MDR provider can give customers this,” asserts Mr. Mohanty.
Future Plans
The new technology areas of interest for cyber security are in security autonomics and IoT device security. For IoT security, Paladion is building blockchain based technology for device authentication, registration, and security analytics. Paladion is building these platforms on the Azure cloud for global delivery and scale.
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