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Over The Top SEO: Offering You SEO and Beyond to Improve Your Business and ROI

The Internet is immortal and its boundaries are elastic. The more you put data into the web of the internet, the more it expands its walls. The amount of data in the web is ever increasing and the increase in the amount of data increases the risk factor as well. Businesses are building their online presence, storing their data and trying their best to gain organic web traffic, but eventually, along with the business, the security threats & issues are also rising. As per a recent study, it has been found that the world of SEO is getting tied up hand in hand with the Security world, therefore, a lot of the daily tasks for the average SEO company will have to change or they will be forced to put their clients at risk of being exposed or hacked.
Over The Top SEO, also known as O.T.T, is an international Full Digital Marketing Company specializing in Search Optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Lead Generation, Unique & Advanced Marketing Techniques and is doing far beyond the normal activities of an SEO company to help businesses overcome every challenge in the field of SEO. The knowledgeable staff and tools of O.T.T help to increase the rate of relevant organic traffic to one’s website and overall improve their clients’ ROI.
The reports suggest that O.T.T is the first company to win over 43 awards consecutively in 2017 alone. The company is constantly evolving their tools and technology with solutions such as SEO reports helping in increasing the overall SEO score, SEO experts implementing the best ways to drive organic results, providing unique one of a kind SEO hosting solutions, increasing Click Through Rates (CTR), increasing Traffic and Ranking on a three month basis model, increasing company’s overall brand awareness, increasing trust/citation & Domain Authority, training clients’ and their staff to hone their skills and be a full participating part of the process. Their extraordinary services have also earned them to be featured in Google as a Google Partner.
Services which Brings O.T.T on the Top of the List
Located in Israel, Australia and the United States of America, Over The Top SEO is a client-focused company that works with a wide range of clientele, from major global corporations (B2B & B2C) to the small single proprietor operation. O.T.T has a reputation in the industry as one of the top SEO service solution provider. As a company, O.T.T is committed to train people to enhance their ability to maintain and optimize their search engine optimization and all the marketing needs. In short, Over The Top help clients from all over the world to achieve their business goals by branding them, re-inventing them, increasing their overall ROI by pure organic search, PPC and social media.
O.T.T is known to guide their clients through the process to enable their practice and sharpen their skills in a wide variety of situations. This helps the clients of O.T.T to be in control of their own lead generation and the rate of growth. Over The Top plays a very active role in helping online business achieve more knowledge on daily basis, hence, launches their articles and latest news in the SEO world on multiple well known media platforms including Forbes, New York Times, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post among many others.
About the Man leading this Successful Enterprise
Guy Sheetrit, Founder and CEO at Over The Top SEO, is an accomplished Senior Executive with 14 years of extensive successful record across technology, marketing and software development industries. With extraordinary expertise and immense experience in the field, the company is providing customized SEO marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He is considered by his clients to be a valuable asset for companies going through a marketing crisis or looking to grow their inbound sales leads. His broad areas of expertise include SEO, social media, internet marketing, B2B, B2C, brand development, online lead generation, reputation management, SaaS and demand generation.
Mr. Sheetrit is currently heading this leading SEO agency that focuses on generating business leads in the gig economy and digital world. He has been responsible for leading Over The Top to be one of top three SEO companies worldwide. He is a game changer in the digital marketing world and under his guidance, OTT advises clients from startups to Fortune 500s on SEO, SEM, traffic growth and Conversion Optimization. With a degree in Computer Science and a wealth of work experience, Mr. Sheetrit is leveraging a staff with a coding background and supporting his crew to position them to help clients increase their organic traffic to their websites by providing the latest hand-made technologies.
While having a word with the founder of O.T.T about the company’s commitment, Mr. Sheetrit said, “I am committed to improving the overall ROI of any business we take on. We are a leading international digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, SEM, Conversion Optimization, Reputation Management Lead Generation and more. According to the NY Times, Forbes, Top SEOS and many others, we rank as one of top three SEO companies in the world.
Our Secret Sauce for Success is a Very Strong Team, says O.T.T
Over The Top expresses pride to have a team full of coding obsessed professionals. They say that the main element leading the company towards success is their strong team and the founder describes his team as, “We are a family first and our clients become a part of that family so we look after our own!
To help clients and their businesses be secure and safe, Over The Top provides a huge range of services, offers diagnosis and consultation. To spread knowledge about the cyber-security and its most concerned issues, the company has made a case study on Cyber-Security in an SEO perspective and has detailed about the entire scenario of how SEO providers are moving into to the security sector, which is available on their website. O.T.T is already in InfoSec, keeping them ahead of the game. They say, “Don’t forget, bad security is a major risk to SERPs.
Providing Best-in-class Tools that will Change the Face of the Industry
Over The Top is the first SEO franchise in the world with nine locations and growing, and aiming to get 15 locations by the end of this year. The path of O.T.T is well-known and clear to its owners as they expressed their plans to enter all the local fields worldwide and help businesses achieve their business goals, in and outside of the internet. It apparently seems that Over The Top is in a growth mode and plans to double in size within the next couple of years thus providing businesses the full access to best-in-class in-house made tools that will change the face of the industry. O.T.T clearly states their plans about opening 25 new office locations worldwide by the end of 2018.

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