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Origin Integrated Studios: Enriching Healthcare with Digitized Workflow

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Origin Integrated Studios develops innovative and creative software solutions for the healthcare industry. Brimming with an energetic and enthusiastic team, it is a people company, focusing mainly on long- term and trusting relationships with its customers, the main ingredient being successful project implementations and longevity.
Digital Products enhancing Healthcare Quality
Origin HIS is a web based hospital information system purposely designed and built to integrate seamlessly with its flagship product Origin EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Built for optimum robustness and scalability, Origin HIS (Hospital Information System) manages the integral back-end processes by giving any business office optimal control over administrative functions such as patient management, system users and medical suppliers; as well as other integral functions that cover pharmacy, billing, stock & inventory, purchase requisition and management.
At the same time, all patient-facing interaction and clinical processes carried out by the medical professionals are captured and managed via its intuitive Origin EMR solution and returned to Origin HIS in real-time for further processing and storage.
The Dynamic Key Persona of Origin
It all started with a request from a local healthcare provider. Origin Integrated Studios was contracted to deliver a state-of-the-art comprehensive EMR solution. Kenneth Kee, CEO of Origin Integrated Studios, with his decades of experience in enterprise business software application and solutions, set out to create ground breaking products with a team of expert software developers.
With the support of government efforts in digital healthcare and to promote the era of medical tourism in Malaysia, healthcare organizations are on the lookout for the best solution that help them manage their organization competitiveness and efficiency. While many healthcare organizations plan to go-live with an EMR solution very quickly, many healthcare solutions vendors/suppliers have tried and failed to deliver after more than half a decade due to the fact their solutions are basically not intuitive enough to allow users adopt in the transition stage.
The Flagship Product- Origin EMR
The flagship product of the company Origin EMR-Driven-HIS offers hospital management and medical professionals a comprehensive hospital solution within a shorter implementation timeframe and thus allowing cost saving and better return on the investment; at the same time, also providing the patients with a comprehensive hospital experience and the best patient care.
Origin EMR was developed before Origin HIS. Most competitors developed their HIS then as EMR requirements arise they enhance the original HIS with EMR functionalities as a module for their HIS. Origin EMR comes with a digital form module that enables the hospital IT department to learn and create new forms on the fly where data filed is liked and stored into the database.
Origin EMR is designed to meet operational challenges by putting in place systematic document controls for patient record management, implementing robust workflow and effectively organizing storage space to accommodate voluminous information. It is compititively priced against other similar products of the same market space. Origin EMR is ‘built for change’. It is highly scalable and upgradable and is the application tool meant for today’s fast- changing market needs.
Origin EMR is built to function as an information-centric resource to help hospitals enhance their quality of care and combat medical errors. Everything from the doctors’ clinical notes transcribed during a consultation, to nursing notes, laboratory test result; investigative reports, and medication prescription is integrated into a comprehensive clinical information repository, sorted according to folders knows as patient medical records.
A Safer Approach for Clients
The electronic transmission of prescription directly from the doctor’s tablet PC to the pharmacist greatly reduces the rate of incorrect prescription. All orders raised for drugs are carried out via an e-prescription module within Origin EMR which utilizes Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). To ensure accurate drug and dosage selection for each patient, real-time cross-checking with the drug database is carried out against your patient’s allergies and drug-on-drug interaction.
Besides being a safer and more effective drug ordering approach compared to traditional paper-form prescription pads, Origin EMR e-prescription also updates your patient’s medical record, making it easily available for reference during follow-up visits.
Harnessing the Digital Disruptions
Getting your doctors and nurses to ‘go EMR’ is a common challenge found in hospital today. With hectic daily schedules attending to patients, the last thing they need is to spend time learning to use something new. Therefore, when designing Origin EMR, its development team always make it sure that the system would be as intuitive and user- friendly as possible.
Origin EMR offers a unique hybrid data entry feature that enables a few methods of clinical note-taking, namely; free text type and write, and template functionality.
Free text entry of clinical note-taking mirrors the natural manner in which healthcare practitioners manage their existing clinical workflow. It provides digital forms for transcription via keyboard or stylus pen-based handwritten input, thus allowing for more personalized documentation.
The Origin EMR hybrid data-entry approach provides optimal flexibility for medical practitioners, both young and old, whether IT savvy or otherwise to rapidly adapt the EMR system with minimal learning curve needed.
Mapping the Future
We will exploit the latest hardware, IoT, RFID and wireless technologies available in the market today including R&D to incorporate AI and data warehousing for a group of hospitals. This redefined environment promotes paper-free operations and streamlined clinical workflow, as well as allows instant storage, retrieval and analysis of patient medical information across multiple hospital sites be it inpatient and outpatient facilities within the group from the point-of-care”, reflects Kenneth, the CEO.