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Oracle: The Undisputed Leader in Innovation

It has taken years of hard work and patience to evolve Oracle from a basic database software provider to a giant software enterprise, that now rules the world. Since the last three decades, Oracle is enjoying cult status as a database software company. Many other competitors came with their innovative products within the time frame. However, every time Oracle came up with something new which helped the company to stay ahead in the competition. Later, Oracle acquired companies like Sun Microsystems, Siebel, Peoplesoft and others which helped the company to solidify its footsteps among all those companies who provided ‘folded’ offering of hardware with software. In this article, we will have a look at the emerging trends in Oracle.
Oracle Cloud: Cloud computing is one of the most talked topics in last few years, which is quite natural after looking at its benefits. Due to its multiple advantages, cloud computing has become very popular recently. In the case of a cloud, the end user can access stored data or the utilities anytime from any location, which makes it extremely convenient to use. The SaaS model always delivers tons of benefits from both the ends. The cloud service provider makes sure of effective utilization of available resources through shared resource pools and offers a wide range of service to the end users. On the other hand, a cloud service user has the full right to use the utility as a service as per the user’s need. Additionally, the pay as you use licensing model of cloud helps the clients with much-required freedom, flexibility, and relief of capital expenses which used to incur in the time maintaining database application. The Oracle Cloud computing system deserves much-needed appreciation as it provides high-quality service at a very reduced rate. Every company loves to have access to wide range of software over cloud-based systems that helps them to offer better service to their customers and Oracle with its constant stream of innovation is always working to provide a better experience for the end user at a nominal rate.
Big Data: During the timeframe of last few years IT industry has changed dramatically, and the main cause of the change is due to increase in the volume of semi or unstructured data, that are coming from various industries, various social platforms collectively under the category of “Big Data.” Large scale companies who are into real-time business can be massively affected by inaccurate and incomplete analysis of its consumers. Oracle Big Data platform is an integrated and engineered system to drive big data strategies through a complete plethora of software that includes Big Data appliances, Connectors, Exadata, Exalytics, etc. The platform follows a unique cycle that helps to acquire, organize and analyze the juggles of big data, which eventually ensures predictable performance, tight security, and high availability quite easily.
Simplifying Data Centers: Big Data Strategies are already on the move as the next potential development in technology. However, Oracle might face much more rivalry in that area. Big Data customers will be excited to know that right now Oracle offers a single point of support for the technology track which is expected to get better with time.
A fully integrated and optimized database machine that organizes computing, data, and storage in single hardware is Exadata. In terms of objectives and positioning, Oracle Database Appliance is a shorter version of Exadata but Oracle focuses completely on simplicity and affordability. RAC technology is also being used in the database appliance, as simplicity is the key differentiating factor between these two, the database appliance needs a very minimal skill set for installation, management and in order to troubleshoot.
On the other hand, Exalogic is another fully integrated engineered system, that comes from the house of Oracle for running applications. As Exalogic is an engineered system, it provides brilliant performance, and scalability. Additionally it can lower down TCO and maintenance costs. Information Technology firms who are looking to deploy Java based applications on WebLogic server can easily realize a significant amount of gain in performance after using Exalogic.
Increased Functionality and Automation: The functionality of the software expands with every new release. With time, most of the simple, administrative and repeatable tasks of DBAs are becoming more and more automated as most of the database vendors are trying to create a market of self-manageable or self-healing database. Now with all these changes, Oracle’s OEMs are now more robust than before and with some new features like self-managing tablespaces, physical database maintenance is now much more automatic.
Increased Security: With more and more cyber-attacks, every company that store data online is at a risk of security breach, which has made security as one of the top priorities of every company. That’s why all the DBAs must work with the security team to eliminate any weak link that can make the data vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
For years Oracle has been able to set its footprints in the right direction, that has helped the company to build a massive consumer base across the planet and to be a significant leader amongst all the database management software available out there. During the last decade, Oracle has been quite successful in setting the tone of the market, which eventually defines how a small IT company has transformed into a big player.