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Optimity: Ensuring Holistic Health and Well-being of People

Today’s professionals are seeking help to build powerful habits that optimizes their personal and professional success every day. The biggest obstacle when it comes to implementing a health and wellness program within any organization is trying to meet the changes to the modern lifestyle & work patterns. Today’s modern workforce is the most susceptible to various population health problems, especially with today’s financial wellness and mental health issues. Which is why it’s important for organizations to have an engaging health and wellness tool that will promote more usage and that is accessible for all of their people.
Optimity, a digital wellness platform provider that work with insurance companies and also independently supplies corporate wellness services to help ensure optimal health and well-being of people by modernizing the way connect at work, live, and play. It delivers micro-exercises and healthy challenges through digital solutions and IRL execution. It helps busy people get holistic support: physical exercise, smart nutrition, proper rest, practice stress management and financial wellness that fits with their lifestyle.
Personalized Wellness Platform 
Optimity is a digital wellness platform that is creating a future where proactive health is data-driven, science-backed, and user-centric. The company makes technologies that guard and protect the health of its users. The corporate wellness Optimity system helps to ensure the holistic health and wellness of employees by providing a digital wellness solution that allows people to access content 24/7 and allowing them to personalize it to their specific wellness needs. The organization is therefore providing a holistic solution that offers mental, physical emotional and financial well-being support for its users.
Pocket Health Coach 
Optimity App is a pocket health coach that people can personalize and prioritize their health and wellbeing needs in order to access the tools and resources to make the best healthy choices for themselves. This will help its users to gradually change their lifestyle by changing their habit loop by adopting new and healthy habits instead of their current unhealthy ones.
Optimity provides personalized coaching to its users so they build healthy habits with micro-actions seamlessly integrated into their existing daily routines, mostly by using native mobile apps and wearables. These microactions help prevent common chronic disease conditions and injuries such as depression, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia, cancer, COPD, kidney disease & workplace accidents.
Providing Best State of Being 
Optimity believes in supporting billions of people in reaching their best state of being: physically, mentally, and professionally. Its users achieve longevity with less stress. Optimity is saying “NO” to the status quo, and it helps busy people find time to do little things that create powerful habits for their ideal, optimal lifestyle.
Optimization of Aggregated Data 
The organization offers a dynamic wellness app and an admin portal to be able to pull aggregated data that’s been inputted by the user from the user side. Optimity is able to leverage this aggregate data to make recommendations based on their specific needs of the organization and their employees. The other two features of Optimity are the Health Risk Assessment & Financial Wellness Assessment. The aggregate data collected from these surveys can help create a targeted program that addresses the issues raised from the employees responses.
Optimity’s proprietary algorithm targets different user personas with their most relevant content, using a novel combination of attributes (work context, wearables, life stage etc.)
Proactive Health Approach 
Optimity’s CEO, Jane Wang, is an outgoing active thinker, who strives to deliver impact by doing the right thing. She is an innovative and ambitious person who uses her knowledge and previous experiences in health management with patients from clinical research. Her expertise is in adherence, and helping patients prevent adverse events with daily micro-interactions. Her goal is to bring her vision to life by helping to provide a proactive approach for health that can help prevent chronic illness by detecting unhealthy habits that lead to these negative outcomes.
Appreciations of Wellness Platform 
“The Optimity platform is well aligned with our mission to support employees in their daily work routines. This is our most highly-adopted program at over 80% employee participation!” – Sherry MacDonald, CEO, CST Consultants
“With its ease of use and unique configurability, Optimity provides great support to our holistic workplace wellness program. Our program adoption is 3x higher than the industry average!” – Sharon Jobity, VP of HR, Ontario Centres of Excellenc