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OpenMake Software – Helping Enterprises with Their Scalable Agile DevOps Solutions

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it has become an essential element for software-powered organizations to adapt to the changing trends to outrank your competition and thrive forward. One such powerful and an overarching trend we have been witnessing in the past couple of years is the rising adoption and maturity of DevOps practices. From its ground-level, a humble small-team beginning, DevOps has mushroomed to take the center stage in the software development field, showing absolutely no signs of leaving or slowing down. Large and small businesses are on the lookout for the best practices and solutions to scale DevOps across their entire organization. OpenMake Software is one such company which strives to dramatically solve customer problems with their scalable agile DevOps solutions.
Boasting a team of proficient software engineers – who are skilled at building scalable agile DevOps solutions – they are driven by the satisfaction of helping their customers radically accelerate software cycles from continuous build through continuous deployment.  It’s highly automated and traceable build, package and deploy solution allows their customers to master Agile’s last mile. OpenMake Software understands the movement away from the legacy buying models and supports an open source solution,, and a consumption based license for DeployHub Pro and Meister. OMS partners with RedHat, CloudBees and GitHub to provide their joint customers with a complete and continuous delivery solution.
Leading the Industry before DevOps came into Existence
Back when tools like Continuous Integration, Agile, and DevOps were not being used; mainframe programmers adopted similar principles by using tools such as Endevor and ChangeMan. The Co-Founders of OpenMake Software recognized a lack of these processes and tools on the distributed side of the house. This sparked the purpose of forming OpenMake Software, to provide tools and services that break down waterfall barriers to speed up the software release cycle on the open-distributed systems. Its products are as follows:-
OpenMake Meister – Offered as a build automation tool, thereby replacing manual one-off scripts with streamlined, accelerated and audited software builds. Unlike scripted solutions, Meister scans source code, tracks and reports dependencies, and performs software builds incrementally. . Additionally, it accelerates builds using parallel processing for the fastest software builds possible.
DeployHub – Offered as an open source solution, it is an agentless Application Release Automation (ARA) solution that enables organizations to master agile’s last mile – the point where production deployments keep up with the cadence of agile development. An affordable alternative to traditional software deployment tools, it performs software delivery 12x faster than traditional modes at one-fifth of its cost.
DeployHub Pro – This is a professional upgrade that includes release management features for the enterprise. DeployHub Pro is sold to enterprise level development, testing and production teams that require a safe software delivery process.
Providing Optimum Customer Support with its Professional Group of Developers
OpenMake Software has a group of software developers who truly love the DevOps industry and strives to provide best-in-class solutions to its vast group of customers. Being an expert in working with customers to achieve the benefits of agile, their customers firmly believe that they can rely on OMS to provide them with an overall solution that can meet their unique needs. It is because of their professional team that enables them to offer the optimum level of customer care and support. OMS points out that “We have experts from both sides of DevOps, including the top experts in software builds and software releases. It is this combination that allows us to create DevOps tools that fit the needs of enterprises across the globe.”
Changing Vision into a Successful Reality
An industry veteran in Agile DevOps implementation for large enterprises, Tracy Ragan is the CEO of OpenMake Software, having imparted her extensive knowledge and experience to lead the company to where it stands today. She began her career in consultation in 1989 on Wall Street, wherein she specialized in accelerating release cycles through improved build and release practices.
Preaching DevOps throughout her entire career, even before it was vogue, it was Tracy’s broad experience that contributed to the creation of OpenMake Meister – the first commercial build automation solution. She holds a Bachelor in Science Degree in both Business Administration and Computer Technology from the California State University in Pomona.  An eloquent author and a reputed speaker at industrial conferences, which includes her 15 consecutive years of presentation at CA World, Tracy has also served on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors as an Add-in Provider Representative for 5 years.
A Future that Promises Success
OpenMake Software is well-positioned to be a leader in the DevOps arena, especially around continuous deployment and Application Release Automation (ARA). According to them, “Our open source ARA solution is gaining community support and will elevate OpenMake Software as a leader in this DevOps specialty.”  They believe that their company’s growth in the near future will be driven by the developer adoption of continuous deployment and the ease in which testing and production can repeat the developer defined deployment process. This will, in turn, allow the enterprise teams to finally master agile’s last mile – the point in which production has become as lean as development.

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