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Ooyala: Changing the Face of the Digital Video Industry

The popular narrative of the media industry has always spun around the tug of war between two distinct worlds. From the cutthroat battles between radio and print industry to the race for primacy between broadcast and cable, or the most recent clash of print and internet media; this narrative has been prevalent for decades. Nowadays, even mobile phones and personal computers are pitted against each other, in spite of their reciprocal nature. But unlike other media technologies, online video is making this “present versus past” storyline an obsolete concept with its ability to unify the entire media industry together.
Digital Video has hit an all-time high, both in terms of popularity and revenue. Today, companies are realizing the power of video more than they ever had. They are more than willing to harness its power and maximize their own potential by both integrating and utilizing an effective video solution into their business. This has amplified the need for sound video technology solutions, and Ooyala stands tall among its contemporaries. A leading provider of software and services that simplify the complexity of producing, streaming and monetizing video, Ooyala strives to solve the biggest video challenges that the industry faces today or may encounter in the distant future.
Delivering Solutions that Ensure Productivity 
Ooyala provides its disparate customer base with a set of Integrated Video Platform solutions that radically enhance their video monetization opportunities. The company’s comprehensive suite of offerings includes one of the largest premium online video platforms in the world, a leading ad-based decision-making platform, and a media logistics solution that enhances video production workflows.
Built with superior analytical capabilities that provide advanced business intelligence, Ooyala’s solutions help broadcasters, media, operators and production companies in a wide-variety of ways. With its impressive range of solutions, Ooyala helps get content to the market faster, maximize the ROI for any video business and build much more engaging and personalized experiences across every digital screen. In addition to their own software and services, Ooyala partners with global powerhouses in the video space such as Microsoft and Adobe to extend its offering and deliver more value to its customers.
Tackling the Sea of Changes and Achieving Unparalleled Success 
Established in 2007, Ooyala has been a key driver in helping its customers and the industry to not just survive the many emerging challenges in producing, distributing and monetizing content, but positively thrive under them as well.
Ooyala owes its success in tackling these challenges and providing best-in-class services to its talented team of experts. As Huberman states, “Everyone at Ooyala plays a critical role in achieving our shared vision, and it’s been a remarkable experience working alongside the men and women who have helped make this company the leader that we are today.”
Bringing-in Experience that None can Substitute 
A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Jonathan Huberman, CEO of Ooyala, brings nearly 30 years of experience in high-tech business leadership to the company. He is an accomplished executive with a demonstrated track record in driving high rates of customer satisfaction, innovation in technology and greater market value for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.
Prior to Ooyala, Jonathan was the CEO of three organizations, namely Syncplicity, a prominent SaaS company for enterprise file collaboration, Tiburon Inc., a leading public safety SaaS provider, and Iomega Corporation, a data storage company. It is also worth noting that Jonathan was formerly the President of EMC’s Consumer and Small Business Division, and led EMC’s growth strategies in China.
His valuable advice for upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs is to, “Challenge yourself, and look to solve the challenges of today as well as those of tomorrow. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What do I need to make not only the transition but build a new dynamic business model while safeguarding my legacy assets? At Ooyala, we’re always asking ourselves what could we do better while trying to stay one step ahead of where the industry is today.”
Leading the Competition in the Video Technology Industry 
With increasing demand for more video content, supply chains and workflows are becoming more complex than ever before. This, in turn, is driving a greater need for automation throughout the video production and distribution processes. Ooyala is always on its toes when it comes to developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies to stay one step ahead of their competition and to keep their customers one step ahead of their rivals’ customers.
Ooyala’s partnership with Microsoft allows them to incorporate AI to automate the capture of metadata. By leveraging the potential of AI, Ooyala is able to create efficiencies and insights across every aspect of production and distribution for their ever-growing customers. This reduces the time and cost expended for different projects and enables customers to increase their revenue. In addition to this, Ooyala is leading the market when it comes to delivering a fully Integrated Video Platform (IVP) to meet the demands of today’s modern media content owners and production companies. Their IVP solutions go beyond the capabilities of online video platforms. They enable common data sets, which allow collective insights from each video process to inform the next, thereby ensuring greater efficiency, reach and target for higher returns.
A Future of Infinite Potential 
Ooyala has the potential to truly make a difference in the world of digital video. They are looking forward to forging more alliances with global organizations, such as the ones they already have with Microsoft and Adobe. The company is also increasing its focus on analytics and insights, enhancing the capabilities of its Integrated Video Platform and adopting Artificial Intelligence on a larger scale in the coming years. Ooyala believes that in today’s global digital ecosystem, all assets can be monetized and they envision being the preferred company of choice to help with that

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