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onShore Networks : Elevating Network Security

onShore Networks is a 21-year-old company specializing in the network security and performance field, integrating with clients’ existing IT and compliance departments. Having a long list of alums at top tech companies, the onShore community has made an impact on the Chicago tech scene over the last 20 years because of their real love of technology.
onShore offers Managed Security, Secure Colocation, and Secure Network Management. By utilizing log correlation and intrusion detection systems they are always more prepared than others to discover ongoing advanced persistent threats.
SteliosValavanis, Technophile of onShore
SteliosValavanis, founder and President of onShore Networks, has graduated from the University of Chicago in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. Stelios held a number of technical positions at the University of Chicago, before founding onShore. He formed his first business in 1981, producing and distributing Apple II software packages. He currently serves on the boards of the ACLU of Illinois and We the People Media, and advisory boards and committees for several other organizations and companies.
His love for things technical has spanned most of his life. By age 15, he was writing dBase code for a market research company, creating an analysis tool for sale to other marketing firms. Stelios has appeared as a guest lecturer and panelist for local colleges, non-profits, and various industry events. He has also been involved in many artistic projects, including audio recordings, video compilations, and interactive installations.
Managed Security Services
onShore’s Managed Security services offer real-time monitoring and analysis of network activity from many sources such as multi-point intrusion detection servers, firewalls, netflow collectors, server logs, and application logs. They correlate and analyze the data in near real-time, 24/7. Incidents are immediately addressed remotely and via dispatch. Rich reports are generated and presented at briefings, but also inform the process of tuning their sensors and correlation engines.
As a Managed Security Services company, onShore has developed its own software and utilizes a long list of open source and closed source tools. Not getting locked into any vendor platform has allowed onShore to adjust for emergent threats on a real-time basis. Because of their belief, that security is a process, not a product, they are constantly analyzing network data to re-inform their prevention methods, helping them stay ahead of the competition.
Mission and Vision
onShore is a ‘White Hat’ company and use its powers for good. To do this, one needs a serious operation. Their mission is to build the best network security tools and process and take them to the largest networks. What they want to do is prevent the Black Hats from winning.
Future Panorama
onShore has overcome all the roadblocks with their key values like their love for technology and a preference to take on the tougher problems in the business. This allowed them to attract the true nerds and clients that don’t see technology as purely a commodity.
onShore has some of the strongest minds in network security. In the near future they will take their talents to the largest networks and put the latest research to practice. They are excited about tackling the giant security challenges ahead of them.
Suggestions for the Startups
Think big. Don’t solve a small problem. If it doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.