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Online Sports Gaming Business Avenues Worth Investing In

As a business owner looking to find the best opportunities around, considering iGaming, sports betting, or online casinos doesn’t always have to be about owning one or the other. Sometimes, being an investor can also be a way of effortlessly making your way to getting your piece of the pie in a more discreet way.

Looking into the option of investments has to be as calculated as figuring out NBA lines, odds, and spreads. With enough insight and regular updates on market trends, you could be well on your way to making the most of your house betting experience.

Stats On Sports Betting

There’s tremendous growth being experienced within the market of sports betting. Statistically speaking, more than 50% of the states within the United States have legalized it, and of the remaining number that hasn’t, six of them are actively working on legislation to legalize it. This means that, in due time, most states in the US will have legalized sports betting, offering an even greater demand for it in the future with five-fold predictions expected in revenue in the years to follow. It’s been estimated that in 2021, the market had already generated $2.1 billion. By the time it’s 2028, revenue will have picked up to roughly $10.1 billion.

In addition to this, influential sports betting events like The Super Bowl call a lot of attention and revenue. Events like these and other popular ones generate roughly $4.3 billion, with bets from more than 23 million citizens of North America.

5 Worthy Business Investments To Consider In The Sports Betting Market

Sportsbook Apps

Sportsbook apps are an obvious choice to initially consider for businesses looking to get their foot into sports betting investments. Have a look at companies running apps that allow bettors to plunk down on their money. It’s a worthy opportunity, and if you happen to have limited knowledge of this in terms of its exposure to the market, sportsbook apps can be a safer investment option to try.

Gaming Companies

Another option to consider when you’re looking to invest in sports betting avenues is large gaming companies, informally known as casinos. It’s a known fact that most casinos offer sportsbooks to their customers, whether in land-based setups or online. But this goes beyond the actual sportsbook itself because as you go about investing in casinos, you’re also investing in all other gambling and hotel operations avenues that come along with it, meaning higher levels of exposure to sports betting.

Some of the leading casinos to consider in this aspect include:

  • Caesars Entertainment (CZR)
  • Penn National Gaming (PENN)
  • MGM Resorts International (MGM)
  • Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

Gaming ETFs

For broader exposure to the world of gambling that includes online gaming, land-based casinos, and sports gambling, the next best option to consider is gaming ETFs. With the use of ETFs, your business will have the ability to explore the sector further without there needing to be an overall winner. Here, you have the opportunity to play the reopening trade.

In time, this could prove to be an ideal option for business owners that want to wager in on the overall growth of the sector. Two interesting funds you can look into that will fund that focus in this area include:

  • Roundhill Sports Betting and iGaming ETF (BETZ)
  • VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF (BJK)


Racebooks are ideal for business owners interested in horse racing since it’s a profitable publicly traded and iconic option in the industry. The one option to consider in this respect would be Churchhill Downs (CHDN).

Tech Providers

Other than directly investing in gaming companies, business owners also have the option to invest in companies and establishments that provide the technology that supports gaming in the gold rush. Popular names to consider would include:

  • GAN (GAN)
  • Kambi Group (KMBIF)

The Takeaway

Part of making investments means being aware of all the risks involved in investing in a specific venture. With the gaming industry holistically, these factors would be around the lines of taxes, regulation, and valuation. With sufficient insight on this and other aspects of sports betting investments, many business owners can find themselves in attractive avenues promising profitable returns.