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OnHub Shells of Google to redefine Wireless Router Technology

Google confident on its performance has decided to stress the attractive type of its OnHub router with latest and interesting classes “Shells.” For less than $20, customers can increase a three-tone design for the $150 OnHub from router products such as TP Link. They are in the color of black and gray, else in white and golden. A rattan pattern is an upcoming technology pattern in recent time in almost $49. They give us the entire substitute for the router’s involved as blue or gray shells, and are placed to reassure for putting the routers in a noticeable room, so they can provide superior access to Wi-Fi coverage.
Along with already established in built designs, Google has been very hopeful the DIY crowd to brand their own shells. They also have issued likes of 3D files and Illustrator patterns to aid. An “OnHub producers” website displays off some colorful samples, involving a Slinky-like structure of laser-cut wood, and a pot for airborne plants.
Unlike the TP-Link OnHub, there is no decorative option which exists for the Asus OnHub router. Also one cannot simply detach Asus’ router case.
For OneHub it is very difficult to match up to high performance router in tech segment and functions, the entire line lacks performance wise to their counterparts. Rather than this, Google is applying a complete dissimilar policy in advertising to the usual customer. Beautifying  shells will aid, Although it’s not clear, how the product will project itself in market as the usual average consumer inclines to pay as small as viable.