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Om Software : Shakes It Up With Real-Time Experiences

A mobile service company is cohesive backbone for all IT companies, enabling them turning their visions into reality and enhances their returns electrifyingly without creating a bug. The marketplace is demanding a much more rapid, accessible & lower cost model, with more companies developing their own mobile apps, launching campaigns on the fly & deploying great mobile experiences in minutes to millions of their users.
OM Software, have been efficiently offering innovative & creative mobile application development services as per the client’s requirements. Their professional team utilizes the most advanced technologies to develop fully functional, user-friendly, & reliable solutions for the global businesses. Their expertise has created a unique market position for OM Software in the mobile application development segment. With presence in Bhopal, New Delhi, Bangalore & Singapore, they offer services like; Mobile App Development, Mobile App Monetizing, Mobile App Marketing, Mobile User Engagement, Software Development & Support and Microsoft SharePoint Development.
Well qualified team act as a backbone in the process of success
Raj Kamal, founder & CEO initiated Om Software with two of his friend Mr. Praveen Khare (CTO) and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (COO), is postgraduate in Computer applications field and break through his career as Web Developer. Raj Kamal says, “I am thankful to the big wheels of my team who made their best possible efforts in turning my vision of going global into reality. On behalf of our OMS expert team members, we espouse & practices next-generation technology and tools without discounting the point of providing second-to-none services from attention- this philosophy helped them to bridge and maintain genial alliance with our clients forever!”
After spending years in building Web Software products for the Global consumer market, they started working on the mobile Enterprise Solutions and now Mobile application Development contributing major part in company’s revenue growth. The company has served many brands as- The Next Idea, Broadnet Tech, CerTrax, Strata Management, My Port, ClickTroy.
Raj framed out some standard procedures
Being a Product development outsourcing company, they have worked on many projects around the globe. Raj Kamal by seeking what prevailing in the market, he is now focusing more on Eco-System Mobility Enterprise development as well as Big Data & Analytics so as to take the company to a new level of success and will help the mobility industry to figure out its customer requirements easily. Success of Mobile Application Development wings, Encourage OMS Founding Team to developed More Eco-friendly mobile solutions and currently team is working on some mobile application idea.
Merging Core values & ‘Customer-centric Approach’
Software companies comprise of a unique feature which coincides with its core values & ‘Customer-centric Approach’ acts as their special feature. They believe if their customers are happy & satisfied then they are doing well. Their strength lies in their etiquettes as they treat each and every customer as a partner, and work to build their capabilities in new and emerging platforms which has become their unique approach for categorizing them from others. Customers are in continuous touch with the team members for understanding their projects and for any kind of assistance. They are always updated about new technologies and how these can be applied to their projects; these features put them in the category of world class leading mobile solution Provider Companies.