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NRPR Group: Setting a Benchmark of Excellence

NRPR Group is a public relations agency based in Beverly Hills, California, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, and soon, New York. NRPR offers unique services to clients to intertwine marketing functions with strategic PR efforts, all built around helping clients achieve their core business objectives and spark growth.
Launched in 2014, this PR powerhouse is a “strategic positioning agency”—the first one ever, based in Beverly Hills, California, NRPR takes an anticipatory approach to creating news rather than waiting for clients to have news. Proactive, trend-focused pitching with thought leadership building and traditional news announcement pitching keep clients in the news year-round. NRPR never has and never will blast pitches. Every person on the team has heart, passion and skill, and is accountable, responsible and responsive.
The Story of a Creative Marketing Pro 
Nicole Rodrigues is the Founder and CEO at NRPR Group, whose career path has followed her dreams every step of the way. Her passion has turned her professional journey into many successful outcomes for her clients. Her career path has molded her into a pillar of professionalism, strategic thinking, and strength.
Nicole’s first professional PR job was at an enterprise software company, Portal Software, in 2000, one year before graduating from college. In 2003 she took a leap of faith to briefly leave tech in order to pursue a job with the Oakland Raiders which led her to create balance on her resume and mold her more closely into the consumer-tech publicist she is now. In 2005, Nicole became the PR manager at MobiTV, the company responsible for the first live mobile video experience on mobile phones.
After MobiTV, Nicole worked as a Senior PR Manager at Voce Communications, with accounts such as Dolby, Yahoo!, Sony Playstation, and many others. She learned the beauty of incorporating social media efforts and sharpened her strategic media garnering strategies into all accounts. She was then recruited by Demand Media (now the Leaf Group) as director of consumer marketing, where Nicole gained the experience of consumer marketing and managing the marketing strategies for their most popular properties, eHow and LIVESTRONG.COM. Nicole also served as a VP of digital entertainment at Bender/Helper Impact, where she led strategy for YouTube, Hulu, Hallmark, M-GO, and others.
Nicole has leveraged every position as an opportunity to build the expertise needed to succeed in the role of CEO, which she plays very well now. Her vision was to create relationships, build friendships, and foster a special human touch to benefit clients and media. Nicole was awarded with Gold for Public or Media Relations Professional of the Year in Bulldog Reporter’s Stars of PR 2017 Awards. She also took home the Silver award in 2017 and Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the Woman of the Year – Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations.
In 2017, Nicole launched her second company, Young Dreamers, an ongoing program which mentors and speaks with students about setting goals, building personal brands, and persevering through life’s downturns. Under Nicole’s leadership, NRPR Group has won numerous awards which include New Agency of the Year in 2015 and Small Agency of the Year in 2016. NRPR Group was also hand-selected in 2016 and 2017 for the ‘Beverly Hills Small Business Excellence Awards’ for Public Relations.
Strategic Public Relations of NRPR Group 
NRPR focuses on industries in which Nicole Rodrigues is well-versed. NRPR works with digital platforms including, mobile TV, gaming, consumer tech, digital video and more. NRPR Group also specializes in startups, large enterprise, and consumer clients. NRPR Group believes behind the creation of every company is a story, whether it’s the story of the CEO or the actual product, the history of the product or company’s development, or the momentum of the company and services, in general, which has successfully ripped dividends for its clients in the past.
As a strategic positioning agency, every person on the NRPR team has heart, passion, skill, and is accountable, responsible and responsive. The team at NRPR acts as a relationship builder for clients, media and their audiences, and they are very mindful of that. If something isn’t working, the team takes all measures to fix the issue immediately.
The NRPR team has a passion that clients recognize and see in the results achieved. This is in opposition to a lackadaisical, almost entitled way of doing PR. The agency continues to attract clients whose leaders, including CEOs and CMOs, understand and respect the art of strategic public relations.
Overwhelming Proactive Approach 
In 2014, Nicole Rodrigues set out to change the industry by creating the model for what an agency should be in order to keep the clients, media, and employees happy. The team that she generated during that time has focused on building the media relationships needed to gain the client’s trust and deliver what they need with the end result of benefitting both clients and media. It is always important to educate clients on what public relations can and cannot do and how it works.
NRPR measures success based on customer satisfaction. The team compiles weekly client reports to remain accountable to clients as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to help highlight initiatives throughout the year and how they tie back to the client’s success. They remain accountable all year long and love when they can see the results have positive effects on their client’s businesses.
NRPR Group creates new stories rather than waiting for clients to distract themselves from their core objectives.
Future Expansion 
NRPR Group is evolving alongside the changing PR and marketing industries, as agents of positive change while moving ahead of the times and setting a benchmark for everyone else in the industries, for years to come. As NRPR continues to experience healthy growth as an agency, it will continue to expand and find better ways to serve its clients. This includes thinking strategically and planning ahead because its core foundation was built by a passionate dreamer who believes in staying ahead of the times. In line with its vision, NRPR is increasing its presence across the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.
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