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Not Again: Wuhan Residents asked to Stay at Home

Wuhan City, which was subjected to the most aggressive quarantine due to the outbreak of COVID-19 is slowly getting back to normal. It is anticipated the lockdown will be completely lifted from the city on April 8. The city officials further announced that they have plans to resume the 100 passenger trains starting from April 8. The county has also already announced its plan to resume the air service from Wuhan on the same date as well.
The trains in the country have started to arrive at 17 stations since March 28. Starting from April 8, the trains departing from Wuhan will start its service to the other cities including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hubei Province.
However, the city officials have announced its residents to stay at home and avoid any non-essential outings. This step was taken due to the possibility of rebound of the disease as there is a rise in asymptomatic cases.