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Noggle: Don’t Just Discover and Retrieve Your Data with Cloud, Advance it

Office desks are best known for onboard, unorganized, pending work files piled one over the other. Technological advancements like computer storages, internet-based cloud storages have facilitated various industries with the clean and unflappable desks. It is true that computer-based storage platforms assisted with a fleetness in sortation of office files, but there is still an identifiable room in simplified organization and recovering of the same. When documents are spread across hard drives, network folders, or even on a colleague’s computer, searching for the file one needs can turn out to be a real headache. However, cloud-based storages can hoard voluminous data but is rather insignificant in terms of organizing and discovering the files. Thus, it’s essential to treasure a unique storage platform that can accord with superior organizational and researching abilities. Noggle is one such document management solution which delivers a less time-consuming and more productive approach in files and document organizing. The knowledge management solution empowers anytime working. An increasingly varied approach to working, companies requires digital document management software that can provide obligatory knowledge in a matter of minutes. Noggle promptly advances any document, anywhere in the cloud by searching documents and perceiving related knowledge, and insights about the scattered local document locations.
Unify and Simplify Data without Stressing Re-organization 
Noggle unifies search results across desktop locations, network file servers, and cloud storage locations. Individuals can preview their information from anywhere, regardless of its storage location. It particularly supports popular solutions like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint and more, and provides adaptable data. Companies or public individuals are expected to upload their file anywhere in the cloud; the cognitive feature of Noggle finds and clusters the document automatically as per the content and its usability. Noggle simply detects the subject of the document and creates automatic virtual folders of the files (“KnowledgeMaps”), with related subjective content. The platform offers an automated knowledge library and journals (Patents, TED Talks, IEEE, and Springer) which display typographic contents. Present research studies shows that executives spend a statistical average of 6 weeks per year searching for lost documents. This extravagance of work burns them out and turnover becomes a real risk. The company has created a secure peer network that syncs and indexes disparate location. It allows employees and teams to find and share related document libraries, and search and share new depths of content for the digital age. The simple but significant features, and truly connected culture help associates painlessly connect with the inspiring ways of working. Noggle positions information retrieval upside-down and provides deep and profitable insights about correlated knowledge by recommending similar content in internal and external knowledge libraries. For e.g. if an individual upload a project file on a storage location which is linked with Noggle, and tries to find it after a while, Noggle will deliver a concern file as well as the analogous projects and content also. As it organizes file storage structures and place document in appropriate department, it accounts for a hassle free platform for document organizations. The organization further accelerates associates action plans in real time.
The Cognizance of a CEO that Facilitated with a Wow Solution 
An honorary commercial judge, Lars Von Thienen is the CEO and Founder of Noggle. He is an industrial engineer and business management alumnus of NORDAKADEMIE, University of Applied Sciences. During the experiential times he worked as a scientist, engineer and as a business consultant. His insight on the impacts of the sharing-economy and the gig-economy, and about the need to access distributed knowledge quickly has improved work abilities of many emerging German companies. The resourceful knowledge of Lars rewarded him as a leader of business transformation projects in international blue-chip German DAX companies. Lars envisioned about providing an easier and efficient way of document organization, and his audacity further catered in the formation of Noggle.
Initial Struggle for Peer-to-Peer Document Management Solutions 
Lars mentions that “Every person I am presenting Noggle is saying ‘wow’. However, the company in he or she is working still “ticks” within centralistic storage document solutions.” The peer-to-peer based knowledge and document management solution has the power to transform the infrastructure, but concern’s interest towards conventional model has been the major challenge for Noggle. It is a hard process to turn the document management industry upside down. Most business methods and software continue to be built around the concept of centralized, top-down management. Thus, the solution is very effective for large-scale corporation’s system approaches as it initiates a globally connected document management silo. Lars believes that the solution is exceptional in the market and will drive the industrial growth in the near future.
Abridging Progressions of Imminent Solutions 
Noggle is principally focusing on inventing generous cognitive features. The features can index private photos and pictures- and Noggle calls it “Cognitive Photo Intelligence”. Noggle will auto-detect objects and people with gender and age to retrieve this information via textual search later. It even abridges similar contextual photographs which can advance the compliance of storage. Another futuristic product of the company is the knowledge (Ro)bot of the Noggle which has been filled with many imminent features. The (Ro)bot is a personal knowledge assistant which can automatically digest the essential knowledge the owner needs day-to-day. It utilizes current work history, emails, and calendar appointments details to leverage the workability. The product is capable of retrieving and calendaring patrons’ data and boost daily knowledge briefing. Noggle aims to ramp-up such innovations and simplify the industry with its unifying abilities.
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