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NIX Solutions Ltd: An Exceptional Pioneer in the Ukrainian IT Industry

The dream of forming the largest IT company in Ukraine began in a small garage lead by three friends, against all odds. NIX Solutions Ltd was founded in 1994 and today, it has become the biggest company in Kharkiv, the biggest IT hub in Ukraine. Thanks to the unique approach undertaken at NIX Solutions, the company has taken a unique direction to meet the demands of clients through offering specialized managed IT services.
The company has grown and reinvented itself time and again to meet special demands of the client and is a home to more than 1500 IT experts today. NIX serves various businesses from a wide variety of domains including Biopharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Fintech and Banking, E-learning and Distance Education. Credit for its unique approach and software engineering excellence, the company serves many Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the fastest developing companies around the world. The company has also earned a prestigious position in the industry due to a recognized membership of outsourcing organizations including GSA and IAOP.
The Evolving World of Testing 
Systems have become more complicated and continue to grow in complexity. Additionally, requirements from the client end are changing quickly. Moreover, testing has been given less importance in the planning phase as compared earlier due to which the budget allocated to it is also reducing. Hence, even the established players on the market are presenting tested versions of products which are sometimes subpar.
NIX Solutions promises to change this world of testing with a unique approach to bring innovation in QA and testing practices. The company adheres to the highest professional standards, improves its clients businesses with extraordinary outcomes while simultaneously creating an unrivaled environment for exceptional minds to grow.
For example, Ryan Gerardi, the owner of a media production house said, “We have been working with NIX Solutions for nearly 2 years now. NIX Solutions has consistently provided us with professional top-rate service and outstanding design work. Their team of account managers, project managers, and designers are friendly and enjoyable to work with. They are responsive and dependable and also bring forth good ideas and objective input. NIX Solutions is a partner you can count on and be satisfied within the long haul.”
An All-Embracing Vision 
NIX Solutions has not left any stones unturned in its pursuit of meeting various client requirements and providing a concrete return. Its philosophy of serving every client with due diligence and excellence has led to an all-embracing vision at the company for clients. The company leads with its motto “whatever you can imagine, we can deliver”.
The founders at NIX Solutions realized that they could do more than others were doing at that time and providing separate technology specialists was only a part of what NIX offered. Companies today are required to infuse large sums of money in creating in-house expertise. NIX Solutions helps clients eradicate wastage of resource by providing an all-in-one solution aligned with their strategy to take their growth to the next level. The company uses its 20 years of experience to deliver an all-encompassing IT solution which includes custom software, enterprise solution, web development, mobile development, quality assurance, QA automation, graphic design, remote administration, online marketing, project management, IT consulting and even Salesforce implementation.
A True Driver of Excellence 
NIX Solutions is led by an exceptional leader who prides himself in constantly striving for excellence and perfection in his daily life. The company is led by President, Igor Braginsky who is a pioneer in the Ukrainian IT industry. He started his career in 1991 and today has more than 27 years of valuable professional experience under his belt. One of his biggest achievements in life was starting NIX Solutions Ltd and he did so without any help from external financial institutions in 1994. Igor along with two other founders of the company built the foundation of the firm from a garage in its early days. During this time, these three friends were studying at the National Polytechnic University in Kharkiv, Ukraine and like most cash-crunched college students, they wanted to earn some extra cash on top of their scholarship. They took an initiative unlike anything else and started with selling self-made software for emerging local markets. At firstly, they started selling to offline B2B search engines for store facilities, and accounting and reports for shops and pharmacies.
Today, the company has become a pioneer of Ukrainian ITindustry. It not only boasts of being the biggest ITcompany in Kharkiv but also the biggest IT-location in Ukraine. More than 1500 world-class IT specialists are committed to providing qualitative IT solutions that facilitate and add value to its clients’ businesses from various business domains. He and his team have developed the company into a great established system which delivers outstanding results every day.
One of his key driving skills is his passion to constantly pursue excellence. Despite the success of his company, Igor pursued academic success as a personal goal and in 2013 and 14 respectively, earned a PhD in Software Development Quality Processes and in Advanced Management Program as well.
He is also a graduate of Advanced Management Program of The Wharton School of the university of Pennsylvania and he completed Senior Executive Program in Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He is also a member of some elite organizations including Association of Outsourcing Professionals, The Global Sourcing Association, Supervisory Board of NTU KhPI, Supervisory Board of the Regional IT-cluster, etc. However, there is one thing he prizes above them all and it is the opinion of his team members about him. He has been an inspirational and devoted leader to the company for more than 20 years and his colleagues are not shy of acknowledging his efforts. One of his fellow co-workers said the following in his testimony, “He is an inspiring business leader and the best boss I ever knew. Deep intuition, powerful charisma and extensive knowledge of various business domains and general business strategy.” Igor continues to walk the path of excellence at NIX and guides his team along with him.
NIX Solutions has achieved many milestones in its long journey. In the near future, its clients can expect great security, AI and Big Data solutions from the company. Considering its track record of delivering only the best, NIX solutions is one racehorse worth keeping your eyes on.
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