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Nissan to Develop Cars with Advanced Feature using Internet

With the increase in compact technology and growing demand of advanced qualities in different automobiles, companies are making top priorities to attract customers with varied peculiarities by giving a twist and increasing their profit margin in the market. This is done mainly to improve the customer experience and to make it more comfortable.
Recently, Nissan has decided to give these advancements a new measure by adding maintenance alert service by using the internet facility. The feature will help the customer to get a notification service which would inform about the maintenance of vehicle making one, free from the verge to remember maintenance details. The new feature will have TCU (Telematics Control Unit) enabling the automaker and auto-dealer network to access the car’s symptomatic and whereabouts, alarming the driver about the maintenance requirement.
Toyota Motor Corp, Japan’s leading car maker announced Prius plug-in model to have the similar feature. And, Ford Motor Co also announced that by the year end, some of its models will have communicating feature with smart homes using the Amazon’s Alexa voice service.
“With connectivity, we can provide better facilities and services to our customers making their experience of automobiles more enriching”, said Nissan’s cooperative vice president and head of its global after sales division while briefing the reporters.
He further added we’ll be able to know the details of vehicles like what is the location of it, what services it requires, what exactly is wrong with the vehicle and much more such things making it less fatigue to the consumers and thereby decreasing their stress by providing them commodious service and better alternative options.
Japan’s second largest company said that it will begin to produce their services by the beginning of 2017 in India and Japan eventually taking it globally by 2020.
With the increase in availability of ride-sharing and ride-hailing services, primarily making it difficult to have more car owners giving this facility a try, it would rather be a goal to focus car drivers who would be more beneficial to this added new advancement of big-data. The price of these vehicles possessing facilities is yet to be disclosed currently while focussing more on new technology for being marketable.
This won’t be the first time when Nissan has decided to excel their features in automobiles before they have introduced a minivan in Japan which can drive itself on single lane motorways and pilot traffic-jam following with the launch of gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain for the Japanese market.
Increasing features by making it more durable seems to be the latest strategy of automobile companies; it is interesting to see the every effort made by them to make themselves more appealing to their consumers.