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Nishidha Kumaresan: Stepping Up along with the Team

It is certainly believed that leadership is more about influence than authority. It is indeed an influence through which the change that a leader wants to see in others can be achieved. There is a thin line between managing and leading the team, whereas an influential leader is the one who could excel well in both. One such leader is Nishidha Kumaresan, the Founder and CEO of Pioneer Technologies Inc., who has taken her business along with her team to the new heights.
Born in India, Nishidha came to the United States to pursue her Masters in Business Administration at Pittsburg State University. Upon graduation, she worked as an IT consultant providing Business and Systems Analysis to various Fortune 500 clients. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family she knew that she always wanted to be an achiever. It was not until 2010 when she had a financial responsibility and her mom fell ill that she decided to take the plunge and start Pioneer Technologies.
Pioneer Technologies started as a two women team and so far it has made careers for over 300 people. The company continues to work diligently to provide the best services to its clients as well as making sure its team is always taken care of. When Nishidha exited the corporate world, she had a good understanding of what client expectations are and so far she has been able to keep up to that through her company.
Creating Growth 
In the IT services industry businesses do face stiff competition. With many companies offering similar services in the market, they have to think more about what is going to set them apart and how to secure brand loyalty by anticipating trends and staying ahead of the curve. In the opinion of Nishidha, the key is to think outside the box and yet still give customers what they need. Businesses should improve their services over time by having direct communication with customers. The key processes are innovativeness, functionality and customer feedback which are necessary for managing competition and creating growth.
Efficiency and Innovation 
According to Nishidha, customer satisfaction, relationship building, and retention along with employee satisfaction establish a highly differentiated position. Pioneer Technologies started with providing services in the area of business and systems analysis and soon after it started with system administration, software development and quality assurance.
Nishidha believes that employees with customer interface are responsible for executing day-to-day client-facing communication so they link the business and customer. If that breaks down, the business is destroyed. Pioneer’s employees becomes a trusted member for its customer’s team, ensuring that the product is delivered on time and works as it is supposed to, while resolving any issues quickly and accurately.
Secondly, as for service, it just does not include only delivery and the service provided but all other supporting elements as well which seem like simple components but are the most important. The team at Pioneer Technology knows how to differentiate on service and make sure to provide the highest quality services to all of our customers.
For Pioneer Technologies, its employees are its asset and the company makes sure that their growth is not just limited to professional but overall as well-rounded individuals too. When employees are well taken care of there is a lot of positive outcome.
It is a highly competitive market and there is a constant need to innovate and do things differently both in terms of technology as well as retaining the workforce and customers. So that’s what Pioneer Technology strives for “Efficiency and Innovation.” Nishidha is looking forward to build a great company by meeting customer expectations with exceptional deliverables, mentoring and coaching her amazing team, and giving back to the community.
Encouraging Women to Grow 
Besides coming from a patriarchal society, Nishidha grew up among men who encouraged women to take on leadership roles. Not being ever told that she couldn’t do something because she was a girl helped her achieve what she has so far. After stepping out from that environment, she realized that it’s not the same everywhere. She believes that people should raise girls by encouraging them and supporting them. More girls should be encouraged to take on STEM degrees. “As women, we have to confidently move forward while dealing with the biases. It is about showing up, speaking up and contribution,” says Nishidha.
Imparting Wisdom 
When asked about the essential attributes a business leader should possess, Nishidha asserts, “I think it is self -awareness which is understanding who we are, what we do and what we want. When we get ourselves, it’s a lot easier to define where we are heading and how we can be impactful. It’s also about leading by listening, being a role model and being authentic.”
Besides, she also advises emerging entrepreneurs to be confident and fearless, not to limit oneself, reach out to mentors, focus on networking , stay humble and grounded, and empower yourself to be able to empower others.