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Ninja Van: Ahead of the Curve in Logistics Management

Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes. But when you go to war, you need to have both toilet paper and bullets at the right place and right time. In other words, you must win through superior logistics” – Tom Peters (Renowned Writer on Business Management Practices)
Ninja Van is a prominent name in the field of supply chain management, driven by talented and motivated people with proven processes and cutting-edge technologies. Established in 2014, Ninja Van is a technology-enabled logistics startup that aims to take the hassle out of the parcel for customers. It is Southeast Asia’s burgeoning logistics company, powering businesses with cloud based innovative transport solutions and its vision is to have a Ninja within reach of any consumer in the region. Headquartered in Singapore, Ninja Van has established its presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, where it provides logistics needs for its big, medium and small sellers.
Architects of Ninja Van
Lai Chang Wen is the Co-founder & CEO of Ninja Van. Shaun Chong and Tan Bo Xian are the other eminent Co-founders of Ninja Van who have also contributed immensely to the growth of this esteemed organization ever since its inception.
Since his early childhood, Mr. Lai Chang Wen has developed a deep interest in running businesses. He used to collect second-hand bicycle parts and sell them off as reliable finished products in the market, landing him handsome profits numerous times. He pursued his Bachelors in Finance from Singapore Management University, which is known for its robust management curriculum in the region.
He has gained meaningful insights and vital exposure of the professional business environment while working as a derivatives trader with Barclays. Subsequently, he opened a men’s fashion retail online business known as Marcella. His experience running a retail business made him realize that there was a dire need of a technologically-enabled delivery service. This led to the creation of Ninja Van. Mr. Lai’s vision is to build a robust logistics network in Southeast Asia which can cater to the delivery needs of every consumer in the region. His sharp business acumen & proficient management skills have helped Ninja Van increase the business by leaps and bounds.
Attributes behind Ninja Van’s Success
The gravity of Ninja Van’s colossal success can be gauged from the fact that within just 3 years since its inception, Ninja Van has grown to 800 strong professionals with its wings spread across six vital regions of Southeast Asia. Ninja Van is a cloud-based technologically advanced logistics company which provides seamless and hassle-free shipping services to its clients.
Features of Ninja Van’s Technology-enabled Delivery System

  • Logistic solution is driven by Cutting Edge Proprietary Technology

Ninja Van’s trademarked enterprise logistics solutions allow customers to automate manual processes. The logistics solution is based on the cutting edge cloud solution. It helps customers to do things better and more efficiently than everyone else.

  • Reliable and flexible deliveries

Ninja Van follows standard operating protocols to safely deliver clients’ parcels to the destination within a prescribed time limit. Customers are also given the flexibility to choose a time slot and alternative pickup point for parcel collection.

  • Real-time parcel tracking system

Ninja Van’s advanced logistic solution provides tracking of the delivery process at any time and from anywhere. It also sends emails and SMS updates to its clients related to the delivery process.
Ninja Van’s delivery services and solutions are competitively priced, supported by robust infrastructure that can scale accordingly with the growth of their clients’ operations.
Just like real Ninjas, the services of Ninja Van are dependable and address the client’s needs. Ninja Van offers tailored solutions for every business so that each client can focus on other aspects of their business and aspirations. Ninja Van has received many accolades from its clients for their exemplary logistics service.
“They  keep to their word; they always deliver on their promises.”- Love Bonito, Singapore Fashion Label.
“Ninja Van offers a new age alternative solution and pricing in an old traditional industry which needs to reinvent itself to meet the demands of the new age digital consumers.”- Zalora, Online Fashion Marketplace.
Initial Challenges
In the initial days, the team took time learning the ins-and-outs of the delivery system such as how packages are sorted and assigned to drivers. They worked together with their team of co-founders to develop the technology and algorithms to improve the delivery process.
It was challenging with 20-hour work days. They had to sleep in the office and sort parcels by themselves. Over time, they learnt how to harness cutting-edge technology solutions to optimize the logistics process.
Future Perspective
Ninja Van has the aspiration and zeal to become the premier logistics company in Southeast Asia with its cutting-edge technology & exemplary delivery services. The technology-enabled business has the vision to expand its business footprint to reach out to any consumer in Southeast Asia. Ninja Van wants to improve the daily lives of Southeast Asians across the region with its reliable and quality logistic services.

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