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NGD Systems: Ensuring AI Advancement with Intelligent Storage

After the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the rapid change it has brought in every industry sector is incomparable. The evolution of data analytics is in every leading technology much like deep learning, machine learning and blockchain. This has developed a gap where current hardware, like SSDs, are not equipped for performing massively parallel computation. This computation process requires a massive level of data management which is a mismatch between storage capacity and the amount of memory that the central processing unit (CPU) uses to analyze data. NGD Systems, a Computational Storage Solution provider, has developed the solution to this problem with the ability to add AI execution to within their storage products.
NGD Systems build an innovative intelligent platform that allows users to create, manage, and execute applications within the SSD storage solutions via the company’s In-Situ Processing. It delivers Computational Storage products unify compute and storage in the industry’s highest available capacity NVMe SSD with the most power efficient product. These products are also available in the industry’s smallest form factors for the emerging Edge markets. This allows users to utilize core platforms in Storage, HPC, Server, Rack and Power solutions that are optimal for their SW and HW ecosystem. The creation of a Computational Storage platform furthers the storage architect’s ability to scale their Storage and Compute needs like never before.
Advance Storage Solution 
The Computational Storage platform provided by NGD Systems allows its customers to remove the traditional storage bottlenecks in modern AI application. The SSDs from NGD Systems solves the customer’s needs by running these AI applications at the storage device level. This unique, patented, and industry-leading solution allows augmented edge AI with limited architecture or platform changes while still realizing significant performance and power gains. The company’s 16TB drives provide 45% more capacity and 45% power reduction compared to alternative NVMe drives which means more efficient resource use! This patented technology is ideal for hyperscale environments, edge computing, and AI/data analytic applications.
The NGD Systems’ Patented portfolio provides NAND Flash Agnostic capabilities, and industry-leading capacity scale customers need in today’s data deluge. This also allows for the world’s highest capacity, coupled with low power consumption in an NVMe Storage device. NGD Systems’ proprietary QoS technology incorporates patented algorithms to manage data and performance that maintains 5 9s latency characteristics without complicated system changes. The Innovative architecture works with any 3D TLC and is QLC flash ready, even when new Non-Volatile Memories (NVM) come to market. This is enabled by a proprietary FW and LDPC error correction engines that allows for multiple media generations as well as new memory.
Agile Leadership 
Through countless hours of discussions with customers, Nader Salessi, CEO and Founder of NGD Systems, determined there was a gap in the storage market. This gap is not addressed by ’turn-key’ SSD players and was being grossly ignored. He gathered industry veterans and colleagues to form NGD Systems to deliver the solution customers were truly asking for, not what the other players provided as their idea of what customers wanted. By listening and delivering on this premise, the Computational Storage market, driven by NGD Systems, is ready for significant growth in 2019.
Unique and Upgraded 
NGD Systems built their Newport Platform to ensure customers did not have to re-invent their platforms, add additional products to an already crowded market or even force net new rack level hardware buys. By selling an ‘off the shelf’ compatible NVMe SSD that offers compute acceleration at the device, the barrier to entry and ease of deployment are unmatched by other AI point solutions in the space.
Modern Approach is the Solution 
The company believes “Because the market ingests more data than it really needs, and we cannot get access to the results of the data mining activities fast enough with current AI solutions, there is a need to remove data movement bottlenecks.” By executing compute related applications inside the storage device (In-Situ Processing), NGD offers customers a way to remove that bottleneck and achieve near real-time results in ways never before seen.
Evolving with Time 
As technology advancement and equipment needs grow, the world will continue to drive for more and more data generation. The need for the tools to manage that data continues to evolve. With a platform that offers an unlimited and scalable model to support real-time change in SW and HW needs, the NGD Systems solution is positioned to ensure today and tomorrow’s success in managing that data at scale. The ability to ‘re-purpose’ and turn the compute resources on and off at the end customer provide the flexibility that ensure growth and adaptability.
“NGD Systems solution has been able to solve a problem we identified over 5 years ago in a way that could never before be accomplished.” Researcher at Microsoft “This solution provided the exact right path to close our issue without significant re-design or deployment costs”.
“The ability to realize the need for compute at the Edge, related to AI or not, cannot be found in another solution.” Sr. Dir, Server OEM “Their products offered the perfect balance of capacity, form factor, and power, along with compute offload, that makes our Edge deployment truly innovative and leading edge for our customers”.