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NexWave : Complete Talent Management Solutions

To survive in this ardent competition today, what organizations need is the right number of people, the right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of the goals of the organization.
Here NexWave comes in a role, providing Talent Solutions. It focuses on helping clients to develop best-in-class Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Initiatives that are not only aligned to a client’s business, but that serve as critical strategic enablers helping to drive overall corporate objectives.
Company Description
A truly composite HR Solutions company providing single window services to corporate clients for all their HR requirements: Managed Services, Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Staffing, HTD & Payroll Processing.
Aparna, Proficient Persona of NexWave
Aparna, founder & MD of NexWave, holds graduation engineering degree. She worked in IT for 8 years in India & US. In 2008, Aparna started NexWave which was primarily focused only on corporate trainings & related services. After 2 years, she found out that companies HR Talent Acquisition teams face huge challenges in recruiting talent with the right mix of skill, availability, location, cost & scale then, she started these services.
Services offered
Nexwave provides highly skilled talent for business organizations on a Contract OR Contract-Hire basis in sectors such as IT & BFSI sectors. Hiring can be done on need basis for these highly skilled professionals to complete mission-critical projects and solve their vital recruiting challenges. Companies choose Nexwave for staffing solutions because of their commitment to understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. Professional consultants come to Nexwave because of their ability to provide the best match between their skills and our clients’ needs.
Aparna said, “When it comes to a new or existing technology projects, finding the best candidates for the job can be a difficult, time-consuming and costly process.” Many companies turn to workforce staffing solutions companies to help them find the best candidates for their job. When you turn to an IT staffing solutions company for help in hiring experts for your long-term project, you can reduce up to 70% of the cost. You will also find the most talented and experienced employees faster than any other hiring process.
Aparna added “We recently have made huge investments into niche skills technology categories, like SMAC, Digital, SAP HANA, Hybris, Azure, Security, AWS & Mobile Developers and have built Managed Services competencies in these technologies. The talent in these technology categories is very rare and is not available at all for companies from the marketplace. Either companies have to imbibe these skills through their internal trainings which require lot of overheads in terms of time, energy, un-billable & more importantly money OR they come to Nexwave and make use of available resources with us. This saves a lot of time for companies since these skills are readily available with us. These professionals from NexWave works at client’s premises as a dedicated workforce of the client. NexWave also manages the HR, Administration and regulatory compliance’s.” Aparna added, “This is the core reason for our growth”.
Challenges Faced
NexWave is running successfully in Bangalore & Hyderabad for the last 8 years. NexWave has come over all the challenges they faced, only on the basis of their belief in- “Promise what you can deliver & Deliver what you promise no matter what, Respect For All, Trust, Honesty & Openness, Customer Care & Relationship, Excellence, Lifelong Learning & Continuous Quality Improvement.”
Vision and Mission
NexWave has a broad vision before them, which is to be the preferred talent partner for all the corporate clientele globally.
Valuable advice to the new startups
NexWave suggests to the new startups, to identify the customer pain point. You should define the Solution/Service with key metrics. Recruit the right team and clearly articulate their job roles & responsibilities along with incentive structure and their career paths. Always, deliver the best.