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Nexus Global Business Solutions: “Connecting Knowledge and Excellence”

Recognized globally, across various industries, for delivering sustainable solutions that optimize both an organization’s assets and processes to yield a ROI of 10:1 or greater, Nexus Global Business Solutions (Nexus Global) is recognized as a worldwide leader in asset performance management and maintenance consulting, coaching, training and software.
In one instance, Nexus Global partnered with a client in an effort to improve their work management process with the focus on process adherence which incorporated design, development, and implementation. The assignment also included aligning the use of their computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and in-house training which was developed by Nexus Global. As a result, the client achieved 90 percent maintenance schedule compliance, and 98 percent preventive maintenance compliance, this up over 20% higher than previously achieved. Additionally, maintenance workforce productivity improved from 30 percent to over 75 percent and resulted in increased production output of 18 percent. Nexus’ long-term success of client partnerships is based on its responsiveness in the market and delivery consistent results.
A Unique Brand of Comprehensive Business Solutions
Headquartered in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA, Nexus Global takes pride in offering a unique brand of comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) business solutions throughout their Global Network. Nexus Global’s offerings include Consulting, Coaching, Training, Software and Manpower.
With operating locations in North America, West Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and South America, we can assist clients with their everyday business management needs as well as major project support. Nexus Global’s various locations, in addition to their diversified subject matter expertise, have enabled them to support many industries, including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Utilities, Mining, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, and Education.
Companies everywhere turn to Nexus Global because of their extensive history of hands-on maintenance experience and proven track record of working from the boardroom to the shop floor. A wealth of technical knowledge and a highly-trained staff with the ability to relate with real life issues at the point of execution has helped Nexus Global stand out from their competitors in the field of Asset Performance Management.
Larry Olson, Chairman/President & CEO of Nexus Global Business Solutions, for the past 30 years he always had an obsession/passion with creating and owning various types of businesses. Larry says, through his past experience as business owner and being an entrepreneur the wheels never stop turning. Therefore, when he entered the consulting profession in 2004 there was an aspiration shortly thereafter to be an owner or partner in a consulting firm.
The opportunity presented itself in late 2010 to foster the idea into a reality, hence leading to the formation of Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. Through his vision and passion along with the creativity of the people Larry surround himself, they are and will continue to be the “Best” APM solutions provider in the market.
While talking about the divergent strategies followed by Nexus Global, Larry says “Be personal, be consistent, act with integrity, and most of all provide rapid results! This is my philosophy for creating a vibrant company and gaining the trust with our clients. Executives in which Nexus Global work with will need to understand how to develop a structured, disciplined approach that includes context and content with proven sustainability and this is what Nexus Global takes pride in delivering.”
Reflecting on its future panorama, Larry asserts, “Nexus Global continues to be on a progressive growth curve which has allowed us to diversify our APM solutions across multiple industries.”