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New partnerships in the self-driving car industry

Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving car unit Waymo and U.S ride services company Lyft Inc. joined hands to establish a self-driving vehicle partnership. This alliance brings together two rivals to dominant ride-sharing service Uber Technologies Inc.

Based on the ride volume, the second ranking rides service company, Lyft, has said in a statement that they are in a deal to launch self-driving pilots with Waymo which has begun its tests of self-driving car service at  Phoenix. It is focused to accelerate the vision for transportation. As per their statement, the partnership is supposed to expand the reach of the service and let their technology reach more people in more places. None of the partners expressed much detail about their agreement, though it was earlier published in an extremely popular American English Daily.

There is a great craze of the self-driving cars all around the world. The automobile industry and the technology giants are pacing to develop the science of self-driving car company, as the technology of self-driving cars is seen to be the key to the future. Experts say that with this technology, they can transform transportation with a huge reduction in the cost of ride services and would also change the way people use and buy cars.

Uber, which is the biggest ride service company in the United States by volume, is developing the self-driving technology as well as its ride services with human drivers. It is also reported that Waymo has some of the most advanced self-driving vehicle technology and it is also suggested through the report that they were looking for partners whereas Lyft already offers ride services in 300 cities in the United States.

Lyft also reported that the deal is non-exclusive and there will be no obstruction in its other self-driving partnership with its investors General Motors Co. With this partnership, GM is planning to launch thousands of self-driving electric cars from the beginning of 2018.