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New FCC ruling allows schools internet connectivity

The Federal Communications Commission had temporarily waved rules in a move to provide schools and hospitals internet connection as they had been stuck in a broadband gap. This event had occurred in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. FCC stated that it would let go of the “Gift Rules” that was a part of its Rural healthcare and E-rate education. This rule had forbidden all the participating hospitals and schools from accepting any additional hardware from outside internet providers.
These imposed rules would be levied till 20th September and all the schools and hospitals are requested to loan out WiFi’s and provide hotspot to schools and libraries and students who do not have access to internet at home. There has been a surge in the coronavirus patients in the American Hospitals. They have been encouraging and promoting service providers to provide internet connections such as WiFi and hotspots to schools and hospitals to bridge the digital gap. Due to the pandemic almost all the schools have shut down schools and have begun online classes. According to UNESCO, approximately 850 million kids have stopped going to school. Therefore to make online classes easy and not tedious, this law had been instated to promote smooth functioning of things.

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