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Mvix: Delivering Compelling Content-rich Digital Signage Solutions

In this relentlessly expanding world, swarmed with people and their ideas, there is an acute need for effective visual communications. The use of visual communication technologies can help your business go beyond geographical limits, empowering effective communications. Today, distance is no longer an obstruction in the thoroughfare of international business. Technological advancements have allowed the proliferation of truly amazing experiences. These advancements allow businesses to take collaboration to a new echelon.
One emerging visual communication tool that’s gaining immense popularity is digital signage. Digital signage is a specialized form of content broadcast in which multimedia content including video, animations, images and interactive content is displayed for to inform, educate, socialize with or sell to the targeted audience.
One of the best companies in the industry and a leading provider of content-rich digital signage is Mvix, whose solutions create memorable onsite digital experiences in verticals ranging from corporate offices and healthcare facilities to school campuses and restaurants. Their focus is on feature-rich, cloud-hosted solutions that, when coupled with their engineers and creative team, build communication networks that turn browsers into customers and employees into brand ambassadors, all the while enhancing market awareness.
The Stepping Stone to Success
In its initial stages, Mvix had always been interested in how technology combined with compelling content influences the purchasing behavior of customers. They first developed a product for the foodservice market ─ digital menu boards. The idea was to offer customers dynamic visual aids that would appeal to them and speed up the ordering process, while enabling restaurant owners to nimbly and easily manage their menus and make changes on the fly.
Following their success with digital menu boards, Mvix expanded their solutions to serve additional industries like education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail, manufacturing, religious venues and financial institutions.
Content-driven Digital Signage
Digital signage has a significant impact on a brand’s image. Marketers have long toiled over communications that keeps people, both customers and employees, engaged. Mvix understands that people engage with the content on the screens, not the screens themselves.
To ensure that engagement with content is a seamless experience for customers, Mvix develops digital signage software, XhibitSignage, that has native integrations with third-party data and dynamic content APIs such as calendars for event listings, emergency and CAP alerts to display alerts and safety instructions, social media to display Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, enterprise HTML5, metrics dashboards, workplace and OSHA posters, among others.
The integrations and content apps in the software are designed to expand the functionality of digital signage solutions by allowing businesses to easily create and update live content on on digital signs, touchscreen displays, video walls and 4K displays.
For their innovation in content-driven solutions, Mvix’s software, XhibitSignage, won the 2017 InfoComm Best of Show Award and the 2017 DIGI Award for Best Digital Signage Software.
An Adroit and Empowering Leader with Directional Specificity
Mike Kilian, the Senior Director of Business Development at Mvix, is a veteran business development professional in the IT landscape. He currently leads the revenue capture and project management teams at Mvix. Kilian is a proactive leader who maintains a sharp focus on exceeding client expectations while guiding teams towards the company objectives.
He has proven to be an inspiring leader, especially when leading the Mvix team in preparing for large trade shows with thousands of people, and regional events hosted at the company headquarters. He’s proud of the way his team steps up to deliver an event successfully, even if it’s something they have never had prior experience with.
“Watching our team, especially our junior staff, step outside of their comfort zone and take the reins of certain aspects of our business and leading that on to successful execution is really what motivates me every day,” says Kilian.
His valuable advice for upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs is simply to work hard. He asserts, “There is no successful company that doesn’t have its roots in hard work. On top of that, take the initiative. What has made Mvix successful, almost single handedly, is initiative, and it will continue to make us successful as long as it is a huge driver in our employee’s careers. It helps our company grow, and has led employees to simultaneously update and expand their own skills to present themselves as valuable items on a resume.”  
A Diligent Team that looks at Challenges as Opportunities
What has also made Mvix successful is their continued encouragement for their employees to take initiative in discovering new solutions to problems. They have a lot of competent employees that find a subject matter that interests them, and they take it upon themselves, without any direction, to go on and become experts in their areas. That has happened across the board, from the marketing team to the sales team, and their R&D team as well.
As a company, they promote a culture of autonomy. Mvix likes its employees to have free reign in doing what they do best. Particularly when employees recognize an interest, and figure out a way to incorporate that into the business in a productive way, the result has impelled Mvix’s internal growth and overall success.
Dynamism and Inventiveness Driving Organizational Success
Mvix attributes their success and reputation in the industry to their thought leadership. Some of the minds that work at Mvix and the initiatives they’ve taken here are truly industry leading. They have lots of competitors and end users that are curious to know how they overcome obstacles, and Kilian thinks that the out-of-the-box thinking has really driven them over the last couple of years. That kind of forward thinking influences their product lines, directions in the marketplace and ultimately helps them to solve some of the larger problems the industry is facing.

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