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Multinational Photography Company Enters Healthcare

The healthcare industry is an ever-changing and dynamic sector that solely exists to cater to the necessity of providing and maintaining quality living of every individual. With the assistance of flourishing technology and an evident gradual increase in healthcare expertise, this sector will presumably be the next major ground for investments and acquisitions from multinational organizations across the globe. One such acquisition has lately come in to effect. Fujifilm Holdings Corporation recently made a notable expansion in the healthcare sector.
The conglomerate intends to speed up the growth of its pharmaceutical and healthcare business. Amounting to almost $800 million was the acquisition of Irvine Scientific Sales and IS Japan, made by Fujifilm. With an anticipated annual growth rate of 10%, the acquisition magnifies Fujifilm’s portfolio in the cell culture media market. Envisioning this growth and understanding that cell culture media plays a critical role in engineering biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicines, Fujifilm has considered this acquisition.
With intentions of entering the cell culture media market, and expanding its healthcare contribution, Fujifilm also acquired Wako Pure Chemical Industries, a reagent manufacturing company and Cellular Dynamics International, a biotechnology firm. Uniting the cell culture media technology provided by ISUS and ISJ, within Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB) will generate opportunities offering further improvised manufacture efficiencies. This, in turn will assure enhanced customer satisfaction and development of its business by delivering superior quality antibody drugs.
The company plans to increase its shared efforts in bio-medics associated technologies and products by means of this amalgamation. Using the Irvine Scientific Sales’ and IS Japan’s cell culture media and technologies, Cellular Dynamics International and Japan Tissue Engineering Co. will ensure additional effective production of regenerative meds not just for domestic production, but also, contract manufacturing business.
Mergers or acquisitions of these kinds are certainly advantageous for the wellbeing of human kind. The emerging healthcare tech and its advancement hold an equally promising future for associated organizations as well.