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Motivforce : Re-engineering Loyalty To Maximize Sales, Productivity and Learning

Growing a business is a lot of hard work. Generating that consumer base where marketing strategies and word of mouth really kick in can take a lot of time and energy. However creating programs that generate real cut and through that drives measurable action in an increasingly cluttered and noisy marketplace is an admirable and challenging task. One company which has impeccably improved customer loyalty and employee performance of associated companies is Motivforce.
The company offers loyalty, performance improvement, educational content, and employee and channel marketing incentives. Motivforce has gratified clients across the world. The company provides services in more than 130 countries and its client portfolio includes numerous small regional start-ups and one of the most popular fortune 500 companies.
Motivforce Games and Its Relationship with Human Behavior
Motivforce was created with a vision to deliver the best of breed loyalty programs for its clients by incorporating the latest techniques to drive performance and motivation. Dr. David Cox, CEO of Motivforce and his team was inspired by the fusion of games and their impact on human behavior, particularly in sales performance and learning. The team then envisioned to infuse learning and sales rewards as part of activity and enhance performance of employees.
The Motivforce team continually researched on the human brains interaction with digital games and infused traditional performance improvement techniques, motivation and learning with Gamification. After months of efforts the team created a commercial incentive or educational quick learn module, which is highly capable of improving sales efficacy. Most of the clients enjoy these programs as these programs enhance learning processes as well. The companies which have employed these programs have witnessed a notable learning and sales efficiency.
Ten Years of Perfection
Motivforce has continued to grow over the last ten years with both large clients such as IBM and Lenovo to smaller clients such as Suresave in Australia. Although the company enjoyed the variety that a global client brings together with the challenges of a smaller regional client; its journey has not been a cake walk.
One of the challenges Motivforce has faced is the virtual nature of its business where many individuals working on the same account, are located in different time zones. The individuals have different language skills and often work on unusual hours. Hence, creating an effective communications and having systems and processes in place to bring such a disperse team together to work effectively was a challenge in the initial stages. However, the company undertook lot of research through its R&D department to develop new motivational techniques and interactions to drive the success of its programs.
Back in 2007, Motivforce launched a cricket game in India for IBM where participants earn additional playtime (overs) when they successfully completed an online learning module and additional batsman when they achieved a sales revenue threshold. The highest run scorers were then awarded with pleasure rewards, recognition and prizes. The India market is a relatively difficult market to communicate and motivate by using traditional methods. However this Cricket game, leveraging commercial sales incentives and learning broke sales and learning records amongst those who participated. Since then the company have grabbed the exciting opportunities that Gamification has offered to the sector.
In the last seven years particularly, Motivforce has expanded into many emerging markets, and has rolled out notable global programs for some of the industry leaders. The years of hard work have now paid off when industry peers, academics and corporate end users acknowledging Motivforce services for its real-time help. The continuous recognitions enabled the company to attract more respect from prospective clients. Today Motivforce has won more than thirty awards in just three years and looking forward to another successful march.
An Unrivalled Expert of Loyalty Marketing Delivering Bespoken Services
Dr. David Cox is Founder and CEO of Motivforce. David has unrivalled experience in designing and operating loyalty marketing solutions across all industry sectors gained during his impressive twenty five year career. David’s expertise allows Motivforce to create and deliver bespoke customer loyalty, performance improvement and employee incentive programs which deliver sustainable ROI to our clients. He is one of the few specialists worldwide to hold a PhD in Loyalty Marketing (University of Technology, Sydney). Prior to the PhD, David has earned Master in Commerce in UNSW and MBA from UTS and a BA from Sydney University. David’s resourceful insights and innovative client solutions have been a key driving factor for the company. He has also been recognized many of the global companies and has won more than twenty awards for his unique contribution.
Developing more Innovative Loyalty, Education and Incentive Applications
Motivforce is now emphasizing on using behavioral analytics, research and experiments to develop new and innovative educational and loyalty and incentive applications. The company is looking forward to deploying more of these applications into some of the emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and envisions assessing the cultural differences in the way games and incentives can drive performance.
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