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Monique Allen | President | ACMS

Monique Allen: An Effective Decision-Maker

The design-build approach is the modernized project delivery system. It effectively collaborates the designers and contractors into one-entity. This method prevails the classic adversarial relationship between the designer and contractor. Monique AllenPresident and her team at ACMS has the ability to develop such a strong and effective design-build business model, in which the contribution of designers from their knowledge and experience in design & construction is applied. ACMS is an Oregon-based, women-owned construction management and civil engineering firm that provides professional services to public agencies and private-sector clients. Monique Allen offers over 15 years of progressive Business Development experience in the A/E/C industry including 12 years in Marketing, Public Outreach/Information, & Emergency Management. Ms. Allen is responsible for business development, marketing, human resource management, daily operations, and developing organizational policies to support the firm’s projected renewal and growth milestones.
A Dedicated Professional
Monique Allen started out as an administrative assistant at the Columbia Blvd. Wastewater Treatment Plant back in 1998 so to share how her overall journey has led her to this one. She hopes is to be inspiring to someone who started at the bottom and is willing to work their way up.

“Integrity, Passion, and Dedication, Dependability”

It has been an honor for Monique Allen to be the President of ACMS. “The path was definitely not straight! There were twists and turns, hills and valleys, and unexpected challenges and surprises along the way. Overall, it’s been 7 great years and it’s quite unbelievable that we’ve come this far.” dictates Ms. Allen.
Monique is constantly learning and adapting to the everchanging environment. She is forever grateful to her support system, which keeps her encouraged and uplifted the entire time. The leader is actually speechless and overjoyed at all of the potential and opportunities being a part of ACMS has brought to her.
Establishing Relationships
Monique Allen envisions that ACMS keeps gaining new clients and further expand its Design opportunities. She also sees continuing to grow as a company, which creates more opportunities for internal growth and success.
ACMS always had safety as its top priority. Every meeting is started with a safety moment and it creates a healthy, safe, and sustainable work environment no matter if the company is working from home or out in the field. The organization has an open-door policy and encourages suggestions or different opinions from every employee. This also translates over to its clients; ACMS communicates with them on a regular basis to share information and stay updated on the latest practices and updates.
Exceptional & Responsive Service
Dedication to ACMS’ clients as well as finding quality people and giving quality services speaks for itself. “If you don’t really care, the fakeness wears off and everyone can see right through you. Our organization offers VIP Services. Vision, Innovation, & Passion!” asserts Ms. Allen.
Last planting season ACMS partnered with Friends of trees to sponsor an event for the Mount Tabor area where 154 volunteers showed up and it planted 179 trees. The company encourages all of its employees to participate in Earth Day each year and it collects photos of the different activities. Last holiday season some of its employees volunteered at a local homeless shelter to feed ones in need and ACMS welcome other family members to get involved. In 2021 Monique Allen expects ACMS to get more involved with the youth and offer more mentoring opportunities to other small businesses.
A Proven Success
“Some challenges I’ve come across was being judged for my name, race, gender, and age. Each challenge is a hurdle that may trip us up at first and then we learn how to jump right over it,” says Monique Allen.
“Impactful leadership to me is when some is glad that they work(ed) with you because of how you made them feel. You don’t always remember the details of every job, but years later you can always be impressed by how someone treated you. Being relatable, down to earth, and working along with others instead of telling them what do to goes a long way. This is what I’ve tried to showcase at ACMS. Making plenty of space for training, continued education, and growth is always good.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be here or make you feel less than adequate! If the pathway you seek is not accessible, don’t give up, create a new one for yourself. At some point, you will have to let go of working for someone else and take the leap of faith into working for yourself. Don’t worry, it’s scary but necessary. Sometimes It’s hard, but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Your support system is key, build it up before you get started. And finally, always reach back and help others find the way.” advice Ms. Allen.