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Moksha Media: Discover the Power of Integrated Online Branding

In this techno-savy 21st century, the online presence of a brand is as important as its offline presence. Moksha Media, an online Branding Agency, established in 2007, by Ms. Anu Veledandi.P., is one such organization which focuses on Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Communications. Today Moksha Media has been accredited as one of India’s top 20 promising digital marketing agencies. Currently, the company’s niche is healthcare and they have worked with some of the best hospitals in the business.
Anu Veledandi, Owner of Moksha Media, started her journey into branding in 2002, after an MBA in Marketing and International Business. Passionate about branding and online marketing, she is constantly looking to grow organically. And so for the past three years, she has made it a point to take up one Executive Education Course per year, to keep abreast with the latest developments in management and technology. “I firmly believe that one needs to constantly innovate, learn, unlearn, and stay on top of the game,” says Anu.
Initially, Moksha Media was working with around 6-8 employees in office with the rest of the team online – an idea that was relatively new in the business community. Clients were skeptical that this model would work. The steady success of our business model made clients accept and believe in this model of work.
In the spirit of an online business model, Moksha’s team comprises of professionals who are best in their line of work and are located across the globe. The company truly exemplifies their claim to be online. Most of the core team work online and their work is assembled to clients’ requirement in the headquarters.
At Moksha, the freedom to work from anywhere allows the team members to be comfortable and innovatively productive. It works hugely to the company’s advantage as well, as often people end up contributing significant innovations on their own initiative. “Whatever Moksha has achieved this far is largely due to the team, I have been lucky to have with me a team who believes in my vision and contributes whole-heartedly,” says Anu
The success of the online business model gave Anu the impetus to believe that perseverance in what you believe will make people change their attitude and make them adapt to new models of businesses. Moksha’s perseverance helped the company form strong and lasting partnership with clients who ranked among India’s Top 10 in their industry.
Anu’s Philosophy, ‘Never to Accept Failure’
 Anu’s inspiration is her father, Mr. VP Rao. A great visionary, he has taught her never to accept failure and has always encouraged her to tread new paths. This, she feels, has made her a stronger person and helped her establish herself in the tough world of business.
Always curious about how technology affects the world and how it can be better harnessed to improve business, Anu loves exploring new avenues of growth. And this passion keeps her going. She is hugely motivated by the younger employees at work as well, to constantly try something new.
 “I firmly believe that to be a successful businesswoman, you need to keep in your arsenal skills like confidence, adaptability, passion, responsibility, focus, and being compassionate towards people. I can comfortably say that these skills have helped me be an astute and ethical businesswoman,” says Anu.
Honesty and Loyalty to the Clients
Honesty and loyalty toward clients as well as her company is another tenet that Anu values to run a successful business. All of the company’s clients have benefitted as they see their profit margins increasing along with Moksha Media’s profits. This symbiotic relationship has prompted clients to prefer Moksha to the competitors.
 Anu believes ‘a strong customer base is the foundation of a successful business’. Also, the existing repertoire of clients is the best way to attract new clients. Having a strong, inalienable relationship with the client where mutual trust and understanding is the core of the relationship helps build a larger network.
Take Breaks and Travel
Anu has a very supportive and understanding family, who help keep her life-work balance.  She believes that one needs to devote time for oneself. Anu recharges body, mind, and soul by travelling, which helps her reconnect with herself. According to her, it works like a magic, making her feel more creative and more productive.
In future, Anu wishes to attain more growth and scale this business further, while ensuring that their clients gain more visibility in the market. Her aim is to perform five folds better than the current statistics with achieved expansion. Currently, strong in the Healthcare Industry, she hopes to expand the portfolio to diverse clientele from other industries across the globe. With everything going right for them, their hope is to eventually be on the list of the best digital agencies in the world; a goal we feel may really come true in the future.