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Mnubo: Creating Business Value from Data Using Unprecedented IoT Insights

With more devices than ever connected to the internet, and to each other, the world of networking today has progressed far beyond traditional human-to-machine communications. Everyday consumer objects are being turned into communication end points in this well-connected world to create what is commonly referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).
Organizations are buying into the IoT, but then struggle to evaluate the value and priority of the range of products and services available. Most traditional manufacturers do not have the connectivity and data expertise required to quickly and successfully implement a ready-for-market IoTconnected product.
Mnubo, established in 2012, offers a SaaS solution to product manufacturers so that they can collate, organize and analyze data. Mnubo’s SaaS products benefits customers in the consumer, enterprise and industrial verticals.
The Steadfast Leader 
Frederic Bastien, CEO of Mnubo, is a business leader with extensive entrepreneurial experience who is passionate about new technologies and innovation. His successful track-record spans the entire mobile internet space, both with startups as well as large corporations. Throughout his career, Fred has been recognized for his vision, leadership and passion for building extraordinary products and teams. He has played a key role in several Quebec startups. Prior to Mnubo, he was the VP of Products at Blueslice Networks.
Fred is well-regarded within his team, and in the industry, as a humble leader with a keen sense for innovation and value creation. He thrives on developing high-quality solutions and delivering top-notch customer satisfaction.
Under Fred’s leadership, Mnubo is on track to becoming the strategic catalyst and truly harvesting the IoT to maximize its advantages in this era of connected objects.
Mnubo’s Foundation Story 
Fred demonstrates resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges, and is always looking out for the ‘greater good’. The founding of Mnubo is the perfect example to illustrate this:
A few years after he sold his previous start-up, the U.S. parent company that had acquired it decided to close operations in Montreal to reduce costs. Despite being offered a lucrative position at the American headquarters, Fred quit the parent company and immediately started work on building Mnubo from the ground-up. Within 8 months, he built a successful business plan, re-hired the entire staff from his previous company, and struck a multi-million dollar professional services contract with the parent company. Today, Mnubo is one of the most successful startups in Canada despite being founded only in 2012.
Fred’s Distinctive Strategies for Success 
Today, many of the most popular devices like connected fridges, smart irrigation management controllers, and smart home hubs use technology built on Fred’s vision and foresight.
While other businessmen might shy away from uncertainty, Fred has the acumen to differentiate opportunity from hype and is able create value in a rarely-understood space by envisioning the potential in its future.
He is also unique in that he is a visionary and yet works hard to build team consensus, a rare but valuable trait for tech startups. Fred takes calculated risks. He sensed the immense opportunity in the space of Big Data and IoT when the market was still in its infancy and created a business on the confluence of both of these, now, big technology trends.
Under Fred’s leadership, Mnubo has overcome many challenges to become one of the leading IoT Analytics solutions available on the market today. Fred has created a culture where enthusiasts can use data to challenge the status quo and disrupt industries across the globe.
Mnubo’s Range of Services 
Mnubo’s SmartObjects SaaS solution was designed with the manufacturer in mind. It equips product manufacturers and service providers with insights on product usage and performance, customer engagement, operational efficiencies, and much more.
By collecting and presenting sensor data in real-time, it allows manufacturers and service providers to uncover existing problems and circumvent future ones, and also enables condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance and proactive servicing.
Mnubo’s technology and services have value-adding implications for manufacturers – it can accelerate their time-to-market while lowering CAPEX and OPEX spending by over 40%, and boost their upsell revenues through trends, insights and intelligence from their IoT data.
Available as a turnkey, end-to-end analytics solution, Mnubo allows manufacturers to focus on what they do best – build better products!
Unique Approach to Attract Clients 
Mnubo’s services allow its clients to make swift, strategic decisions using real-time and predictive data analytics from their IoT network. They improve asset productivity and reduce operational inefficiencies by utilizing meaningful and relevant analytics statistics across connected objects.
In addition, Mnubo’s business logic flexibility facilitates highly customized analytics. Its cloud-based, highlyscalable and distributed architecture supports the increasing volume, velocity and variety of IoT sensor data from connected devices.
With Mnubo’s turnkey IoT analytics services, product manufacturers accelerate their time-to-insight. This allows manufacturers and other players to make faster and better decisions on how they should build a product and improve overall service efficiency, thereby completing the feedback loop.
Future Roadmap 
The IoT is a highly fragmented industry; there is no ‘one-man shop’ providing a complete IoT solution from connectivity to data insights. Mnubo’s unique data expertise put it in a position to capitalize on the vast amount of sensor data being generated from the rapidly-increasing number of connected assets.
By leveraging their strategic partner network, investors and existing customers, Mnubo will penetrate new markets and grow their customer base. Its history of strong customer-use cases provides Mnubo with the credibility it needs to expand into new markets, but it also gives them with the foresight to build more customer-centric features.
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