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mLevel: A Simple, Enriching and Universal Gamified Learning Experience

Training module development poses a daunting challenge for many organizations. Learning and teaching require patience, curiosity, dedication and passion. These qualities are rare to find and just as difficult to replace in the long term vision of company training. Hence, to achieve the goal of maximum productivity every day – companies often toil hard to find the perfect solution. Fortunately, this is about to change.
mlevel creates an interactive, enriching and collective gamification experience for the purpose of improving corporate training. The company was co-founded by a self-made entrepreneur, Jordan Fladell, with 25 years of experience in driving organizations to succeed. He continues to lay a clear vision for his team at mLevel to build a next-gen training platform.
mLevel is a pioneer in the micro-learning, gamification, and corporate learning space. The platform boasts a wide-variety of templated activities, an easy-to-use code free environment, and a robust analytics engine for taking the guess work out of performance based training. Using the interactive platform of mLevel, corporate trainers can deliver complex and in-depth information in small chunks. Additionally, these small chunks can be wrapped in a gamified experience via quizzes, flashcards, simple simulations, leaderboards and badges.
A Unique Challenge and an Apt Solution  
The vision at mLevel takes various levels of organizational challenges into account. Corporate training often falls short of expectations because it has traditionally been under-resourced and overworked. Additionally, companies often hire employees based on technical skills rather than a balance of technical and soft skills. A gamification experience solves these unique challenges by providing an easy and engaging way to reach all types of learners.
As corporate processes have their weaknesses, it also has its share of strengths. Business culture relies on accountability, feedback and subsequent continuous improvement. The mLevel platform is built to train large teams of employees working on different projects. Hence, company management is able to train several thousand employees with a fraction of the traditional training investment, all while yielding the same or better results. Moreover, as the games create an opportunity for colleagues to compete through the game-based training, they allow for a joyful leeway to create a sense of shared responsibility and shared accountability in learning. Thus, it is not really a surprise to see mLevel establish such a strong presence in the market with prestigious clients like Pearson.
A Technology that lets Imagination Lead with Wings  
mLevel was built with the primary purpose of delivering enterprise-class technology to rapidly scale gamification, micro-learning and adaptive learning. mLevel’s advanced technology addresses an important need of the corporate world. It allows companies to provide access to learning for thousands of employees, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the code-free technology of mLevel levelallows companies to integrate training modules into their existing ERM applications. Using this application, trainers with no technical know-how can create powerful custom branded learning programs in little time. This is extremely important as learning on the job is becoming an important benchmark for the advancement of companies. Technical knowledge in many fields can become obsolete in just a few years and can take similar amount of time to learn through traditional educational methods. Companies do not have the luxury of retraining over that period of time.
Additionally, leadership requires a mechanism which provides oversight and insight into employee training. The mLevel platform is equipped with advanced analytical tools which monitor, evaluate and analyze learning to find general patterns and create insight far richer than the usual completion results. The innovative and engaging nature of mLevel is a direct result of the rich research invested over the years. Initially, the company researched the travel and hospitality space to understand the brand loyalty of employees.  Through this, mLevel researchers found that the loyalty of employees was a direct result of the engagement and participation of employees aided by incentives. mLevel promises to give employees wings to support their professional success with an engaging and feature-laden technology-driven platform.
A Bright Future of Unbundled Opportunities
mlevel has achieved many hallmarks of a successful and innovative journey. The company promises to take this process further by addressing various key concerns of its clients. The firm aims to bring the current training period – which can span months – to days or weeks through consistent micro learning. Similarly, it also plans to introduce the power of machine learning and AI to make a leap in the evolution of corporate training. Future programs will also be far more effective for corporate management as they will help executives and HR personnel to easily measure ROI and make sound decisions to make the most of training.
mLevel promises many breakthroughs in the upcoming future to revolutionize the world of corporate training.
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