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Midwest Restoration: A Brilliant Emergency Platform Built by a Great Team

A team is formed when individuals with a common taste, preference, liking, and attitude, shares a common goal. Team plays a vital role in organizations as well as in our personal lives. Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” An organization requires an adequate team that works curiously to draw the succession. A great team starts with a great leadership team. Midwest Restoration is a full service property damage restoration company that has initiated such a leadership team. The capable leadership of Coyne S. Borree, CEO and Jennifer Rottier, COO of Midwest Restoration has successfully formed a specialized team which has enhanced the company’s solutions. The firm is privately owned and an expert company that facilitates the restoration and reconstruction of residential and commercial properties damaged by fire, water, storms, vandalism, or any other incident. Established in 2008, the company has restored many properties with noticeable utility across the country.
Restoring the Residential and Commercial Properties Cost- Effectively 
The organization restores and reconstructs several residential and commercial properties with an unparalleled efficiency. It utilizes top of the line equipment in the field and a software and communication/documentation systems that sets the bar of services very high.
The platform also provides carpet cleaning, hazmat/trauma cleanup, general remodeling, roofing/siding, ultrasonic cleaning, and other essential services related to restoration. Although the industry expense standards are very high it is a tough task to provide 100% paperless operations cost-effectively. Midwest Restoration has made the course possible and expertly delivers one of the best full circle restorative operations available to their clients. Midwest Restoration works for the homeowners and focuses on their customer being happy with a great product at the end of the day irrespective of the budget and profit margins.
Delivering the Services Passionately 
Both Coyne Borree and Jennifer Rottier are extremely passionate about the vertical and strive to provide their best to deliver a credible restoration platform. Mr. Borree has year of experience in both the insurance claims industry as well as a restoration background. When you couple these two fields together you have a recipe for success in the property damage arena. After working for large national corporations, he realized the need for a local company that had its local client’s best interests in mind and formed Midwest Restoration accordingly. He mentions “We provide all the services, but, at the end of the day, seeing all of my clients around the area and knowing that I have helped them out in a time of need while knowing that it was done in their best interests.” In his position of President of Midwest Restoration, Coyne oversees all day-to-day operations of the organization with an emphasis on his clients, building a successful team of employees, and being a good corporate citizen. Coyne is active in numerous Fox Valley business associations, and charities including the local Chamber of Commerce, Police and Fire Departments, NARI, The BBB, Home Building Associations, The Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity.
Jennifer Rottier, COO of Midwest Restoration has an Associate’s degree in Arts & Science from the UW Fox Valley, alongside being a graduate ofthe EMT program at Fox Valley Technical College. She has held a number of management and executive positions throughout her career. Before joining Midwest Restoration, Jennifer was directly involved with Theda Clark’s ICU and Intermediate Medical and Stroke Unit. Prior to that, Jennifer earned the title of the number one sales associate for seven years straight at one of the largest risk management and workplace compliance organizations in the nation.
Jennifer joined Midwest Restoration in December of 2015, serving as the Vice President of Business Development. Due to her massive success in business development, with her adding 1.2 million dollars in revenue during her first year in the company created numerous positions that streamed to continue delivering a quality product to its customers. In January of 2017 Jennifer took on a challenging role of a project manager to curb large losses. Unsurprisingly, Jennifer completed several projects over the course of 2017 and did it so well that the company re-wrote the process of its project management based on how she managed her projects. She was promoted as the Chief Operations Officer in 2018, with the ultimate goal of creating a duplicable system being able to have franchisees across the country, givingothers the opportunity to provide the same quality service and deliver the same quality product that was started in January of 2008. The astuteness of Coyne and Jennifer as a team, together, simplifies the further progressions with deliberate swiftness.
Handpicked Associates with Insightful Abilities 
Rising as the market dominator within a small amount of time is not an easy task. Midwest Restoration has proved its reliability within no time receiving multiple local and national awards. The prime reason behind the success is insightful abilities of the company’s handpicked employees. It has very low associate turnover and puts-in massive amounts of continued education and constant training to keep them within the company with real-time industry insights. Jennifer states “We believe in treating our associates and clients with the same level of value and respect that we provide to our customers.” The company understands the importance of trusted advisors to get out of a tough spot. Thus, it aims to deliver a leading restoration and reconstruction platform to selective regional and national franchises, with the solid team of its facilitators at the helm of affairs.

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