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Michael Bruck: A Forerunner Giving New Dimensions To Cyber Security

Michael Bruck, President and CTO of BAI Security is a person with exceptional guidance qualities. Under his leadership, BAI Security has become a trusted security partner to more than a thousand organizations in regulated industries within the US alone. Michael’s primary responsibilities at BAI Security revolve around providing strategic direction and leveraging the quality of the services they offer. He believes in dedicating time to identifying services that high-profile and/or regulated organizations would truly benefit from most in protecting their information assets.
A Passionate Entrepreneur
Michael is an entrepreneur of its own kind. He is outshining others by bringing a revolution in the security space that focuses on bringing sophisticated Cyber security services, which are traditionally only available to Fortune 500 companies, to organizations of all sizes. It’s Michael’s passion to find and develop state-of-the-art solutions to modern-day threats, to design creative ways to make them more affordable, and offer them to all sized organizations with the highest degree of professionalism and customer service possible.
Michael says,“Our clients rely heavily on our proven expertise to identify Cybersecurity risks through audit and technical assessments. Unlike some other industries, service provided in the information security space have to be exceptionally up-to-date in their knowledge of current threats in order to provide the critical recommendations that will protect clients from a data breach.” This is the reason, Michael is solely dedicated to making sure that the services offered by BAI Security are as current and comprehensive as necessary to identify and mitigate even the most recent and viable risks. As an influential entrepreneur, it is very essential for Michael to earn the trust of his clientele and guide them where to spend their Cybersecurity budgets for the biggest gain.
Michael’s Journey of becoming an Entrepreneur
Michael grew up in a small town to honest, genuine, and extremely hardworking blue collar parents who instilled an incredible work-ethic in him.It has helped Michael immensely in finding creative solutions to solve problems and ensure those solutions are not just available to the most elite.
Prior to the company’s inception, Michael spent years as a client looking for solutions to these same problems. He soon realized that the information security services space was dominated by large consulting firms, which in many cases, didn’t always deliver the high-end services they were hyped to be. Their prestigious names made their services well sought-after and carried the expectation of a “safe-choice”, there were often not affordable for the vast majority of companies and frankly were often not leading-edge. Therefore, his mission at the outset was to start a firm that didn’t have the overhead of skyscraper headquarters and would provide best-in-class services to protect the vast majority of organizations with less than Fortune 500 budgets.
We are not the cheapest vendor, but we are definitely one of the most reasonable service providers, providing the highest level of service.
Michael’s Mantra for Attaining Success
For Michael, there is no replacement for hard work. He emphasizes the importance of working efficiently, staying on task, and constently working towards your goals.  However, he says it is also critical to dedicate time to creative thinking and problem solving, listening to client feedback, mastering your trade, constantly improving, and taking time to develop these traits in your entire team.
“Those who consistently exceed a level of effort and dedication beyond what others are willing to do are commonly the most successful in life,” is a montra that Michael strives to live by in every possible manner, both personally and professionally.
A Piece of Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs
“Personally, I believe you have to start with a genuine desire to make something or provide a service that truly helps your client and to be really successful, you have to provide products or services that focus on the unfulfilled needs of the largest pool of possible potential clients.  A business has to be profitable to grow and continue to innovate, but don’t let profits be your primary goal.  A company with a great product or service executing properly, should be profitable.  In addition, align yourself with smart people with similar ethics, goals, but different strengths, it can make all the difference in the speed and level of your success.” asserts Michael.
Future Prospects
Michael sees a very positive future for BAI Security, as the future growth of the Cybersecurity market is expected to be huge. According to some reports, it is expected to grow as much as USD 200 billion by the end of 2020. The impact from the growing number of security threats combined with the latest monitary impacts of breach activity is demanding accountability and action on behalf of the companies retaining confidential information.  Michael’s firm, BAI Security has proven its ability to dramatically help organizations reduce their risk by providing lead-edge assessment services and is well-positioned to be a front-runner in the Cybersecurity space.

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