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Mi9 Retail | EVP & General Manager | Eugene Voronov

Mi9 Retail Stands out as a Top10 Retail Software Provider

The Retail sector always finds itself in a state of perpetual transformation due to its competitive nature as well as evolving consumer tastes and preferences. Prominent retail businesses are acknowledging that the industry continues to evolve, largely due to technological advancements, exacting customers, disrupted supply chains, as well as changing shopping patterns. Retailers, which are able to quickly react and adapt to change, flourish during economic and industry uncertainties.

Mi9 Retail provides retail technology solutions that help retailers navigate business, industry, and operational challenges. They cater to both Softline and hardline retail verticals with robust and flexible software solutions that enable merchandising, store operations, inventory management, eCommerce, and business analytics.

Mi9 Retail understands that winning their customers’ loyalty comes from focusing on both innovation and customer service at the same time. These two areas represent two pillars on Mi9’s success. Eugene Voronov,

EVP and GM: “While having a strong culture, vision, mission, and strategy is paramount for any successful business; the battle for the customers’ loyalty happens at the front lines and not in the corner office. We must relentlessly innovate and deliver value to our market while excelling in our customer service.”

Addressing Primary Retail Challenges

Softline and Hardline retailers must tailor their strategies to fit their business priorities, market plan, and retailing capabilities. Mi9 Retail was founded in 2002 to address the market need for a top-notch business management system that caters to the unique requirements of retailers dealing with high SKU volumes and complex product and inventory management.

Mi9 Retail is managed by a team of skilled enterprise software and retail industry experts dedicated to enabling retailers to leverage the opportunities in omni-channel retailing by using a unified commerce platform.

The company has won customers owing to its comprehensive product portfolio, commitment to innovation, exceptional service delivery, and strong customer relationships. In a prominent international software provider leaderboard survey Mi9 Retail Ranked #2 in Customer Satisfaction.

Mi9 Retail has successfully tackled the most critical challenges faced by the retail industry and its diverse customers.

Mi9 Retail Comprehensive Offering

Mi9 Retail is a leading technology platform provider that specializes in delivering powerful solutions to help retailers streamline operations by automating key business processes through product, location, vendor, and customer master data management and intuitive data visibility. Their solutions are designed specifically for retailers, by retailers, making them uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the Softline and hardline retailing industry. Eugene Voronov: “We are very keen on staying in constant touch with our customers. Their pain points, ideas, and candid feedback is what helps us focus where it matters the most.”

By providing a comprehensive view of a retailer’s merchandising operations, Mi9 Retail solutions empower retailers with the insights they need to manage products, optimize inventory, drive sales, lower operating costs, and improve customer engagement.

Mi9 Retail product suite consists of the following:

Mi9 Merchant

Merchandise management platform for mid-market Softline & hardline retailers with complex inventory and high SKU volume. Our ever-expanding platform, which serves head office, store, and warehouse users, comprises Master Data, Mobile Inventory, Purchasing, Pricing, Promotions, Sales Audit, Invoice Matching, Daybook, Stock Ledger, Physical Inventory, Allocations, Replenishment, WMS, and Customer Order Management.

Mi9 Intelligence

A comprehensive business intelligence solution to drive actionable analytics at every level of the enterprise across merchandising, stores, customers, and finance. It comprises Enterprise Data Warehouse, Robust Reporting and Dashboards.

Mi9 eCommerce

eCommerce platform for D2C and B2B companies. A single platform to manage products, orders, and customers whether you sell on your own website, Amazon or via any other channel with multi-banner support. Over 1,000 out-of-the-box configurable features. We deliver end-to-end implementations and customizations using our flexible plug-in architecture.

Mi9 Point of Sale

Mi9 Point of Sale equips retailers with the tools to make the most of store and mobile technology to engage today’s connected consumers. Intuitive transaction management including returns, orders, inventory and customer loyalty empowers your store associates.

Guiding Retailers in the Right Direction

Mi9 Retail professional services, cloud, and support teams always make the overall customer success their number one priority. Led by Mi9 Retail software veteran, Peter Saastamoinen, VP of Technology Services, his teams play a critical role in understanding retailers business requirements, identifying opportunities for improvement, and recommending solutions that align with the retailer’s goals. “We think deeply about customer requirements and iterate to find solutions that successfully consider many tradeoffs and complexities,” says Peter.

Mi9 Retail consultants are experts in each of their applications, which allows them to provide retailers with a deep understanding of the technology platform and how it can be applied to meet their specific needs.

Mi9 effective project management plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful ERP implementation.

Mi9 Retail employs their own project managers, who are carefully chosen for each retailer engagement based on the project’s specific demands. The Mi9 Retail cloud and support teams always work together to scrupulously analyze and resolve any issues.

Mi9 Retail initial engagements with new client prospects are very important to correctly identify if and how Mi9 can help. Norbert Altenstad, Director of Sales and Marketing, listens carefully to understand the need and works collaboratively with Mi9 product managers to ensure that Mi9 can have a beneficial impact for each prospective client. He shares, “My passion is finding perfect matches between our products and retailer needs while building strong relationships for the future.”

Meet the Visionary

The management team at Mi9 Retail is dedicated to delivering innovation, quality, and customer service to its clients in the retail industry. The team is composed of individuals with a unique blend of expertise, business acumen, and visionary thinking that is essential in driving the future of Mi9 Retail forward. Their commitment to excellence remains the driving force behind the company’s success, and they are constantly working to ensure that Mi9 Retail remains at the forefront of the industry. With their strong leadership and unwavering dedication, the Mi9 Retail management team is poised to guide the company to new heights of success.

Eugene Voronov, the Executive Vice President and General Manager at Mi9 Retail, is deeply passionate about the retail business and strives to create value for customers. Eugene is responsible for all aspects of the business and manages the product portfolio, which encompasses merchandise management, retail analytics, Point of Sale, and eCommerce. Eugene holds an MBA from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from York University. With over two decades of experience in the retail software business, Eugene has a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

With over two decades of experience in the retail software business, Eugene has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field.. He states, “We believe that a great retailing experience takes place when optimized product and inventory management intersects perfectly with skillful customer engagement and point-of-purchase execution. The results are better revenue and margin performance, greater customer experiences, balanced inventory management, and a more satisfied, loyal workforce.”