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MHG Systems: Fostering the Forestry Ecosystem with Agile and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Forests have been attaining a high demand due to the increased need for the renewable and biodegradable materials such as carbon sinks and wood which would replace the synthetic as well as the oil-based materials. To cope with this demand, more efficient solutions are required for the sustainable forest and wood supply chain management.
One such revolutionary organization which is committed to fulfill this emerging need is MHG Systems Oy Ltd. The company renders a technically innovative solution named Wuudis[1], which is a standardized, open, and significantly more cost-effective solution for the entire forestry ecosystem than the current alternatives. This solution was established in 2016 and is largely used by the private forest owners, service companies, small and large companies as well as the government organizations in Finland and across the world.
The Luminary of MHG Systems
Seppo Huurinainen, the CEO and Founder of MHG Systems Oy Ltd. is an expert entrepreneur in developing and commercializing ICT based solutions for the forestry and biomass-based business. He holds specialization in GIS, IT, and silviculture with over five university level degrees and has around three decades of rich experience in the forest and bioenergy sector. Prior to initiating his entrepreneurship, he held various development and research positions within the forest and agriculture industry. Seppo has also worked for various forest organizations such as the Finnish Forest and Park Service, Metla, the Forestry Centre, Metsäliitto, Stora Enso, and the National Board of Education. He is an influential leader who is currently offering a plethora of ICT solutions for the forest and biomass supply chain management.
Wuudis: The Cornerstone of MHG Systems
‘Wuudis’ is a ground-breaking and innovative solution rendered by MHG Systems. This solution is scalable and modular as well as holds the ability to integrate big data from several sources such as drones and satellites. With the implementation of the advanced data analytics and digitalization, it improves the efficiency of the entire supply chain, right from planting to harvesting, supply chain, and end use. It also embraces modular operational tools that are accessible through the forest geo-informatics.
Wuudis can efficaciously generate the cost savings of up to 20% just from transforming the paper-based forest management plans into the digital form used with smart phone. The company’s customers from the various forest domains such as forest owners, forest service companies, authority, forestry, and biomass companies have given their valuable feedbacks which clearly showed that Wuudis not only improves the efficiency of daily routines but also increases the revenues by 10-15%.
Wuudis is committed to bringing more wood and fibre into the market in a sustainable way, which offers the background to replace the plastic based alternatives. It also assists in eliminating tons of CO2 emission by optimizing the biomass supply chains. Moreover, Wuudis includes important ecosystem services, such as the biodiversity preservation and monitoring of hazards (e.g. fires, pests) in forests.
Deciphering the Issues with Distinguishing Solutions
Forests cover around 33% of the total land in EU (215 M ha)2. It is one of the most significant natural resources which annually sequestrate 719 Mt of CO2. Forest biomass is the most important source of the renewable energy accounts for a half of EU’s total renewable energy consumption. This overall scenario has up-surged the demand for wood and the other biomasses are expected to keep growing both in the EU and over the globe.
MHG’s unique Wuudis service mobilizes the available biomaterial resources and optimizes the biomass production through sustainable forest management practices. Every member of the forestry ecosystem seeks for the better solutions to accomplish sustainable forestry management. These efficient solutions include the forest owners, forestry contractors, large corporations, and communities and countries.
Forest Owners: An effective mobile solution for managing the health and value of their forests.
Forestry Contractors, SMEs: These are the better and independent ways to deliver their services directly to forest owners.
Large Corporations: These solutions will bring more and better-quality wood to market.
Communities and Countries: These solutions help to maintain the health of forests, preserve biodiversity, contain catastrophies (e.g. forest fires), and make forest data openly available.
Envisioning an Upbeat Future with Tech-Innovations
Innovation has been the most vital pillar for the MHG Systems growth. While enunciating the company’s future plans, Seppo says, “We have embraced the value digitalization, integration between cross-functional services and big data in our domain with open arms. The combination of software development, domain knowledge and our service compatibility of interfacing with multiple big data sources forest data will bring interesting new launches in near future”,
Seppo further adds, “This includes tree-wise forest inventory service using satellite and drone data and forest damage control app utilizing crowd-sourced data”. The unique strategy will empower a wide network of public and private sectors to co-operate on the availability and the quality of forest data as well as on its utilization in the daily business and authority control operations.
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