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MHG Systems: Forestry one-stop digital solution with all forest data you need

Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem of Earth, and are spread across the globe. Forests accounts for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth’s bio sphere, contain 80% of the Earth’s plant biomass and are the biggest producer of energy resources. But this energy sector is suffering from poor quality, improper quantity and delay in delivery of bio-materials for energy production. Moreover, tracking down to the bio-material resource i.e. forest is of immense importance for an energy sector related company in order to ensure right quality of biomass as well as ensure the cost effectiveness and sustainability of the supply chain.
MHG Systems is extensively contributing to the energy sector by providing solutions for the aforementioned problems. This is possible by combining its years of experience and competence in the forestry and biomass industries with its know-how on IT systems, remote sensing, data mining, geographic information and mobile technology. Therefore, its vision is to be one of the leading producers of IT solutions for forestry management, timber /biomass procurement and all required data that boost any stakeholder business in forestry industry/supply chains.
Entrepreneur & Estate Manager 
The Founder & CEO, Seppo Huurinainen was suffering from a problem of managing his more than 500 hectare of forest property in an easy and profitable way. Almost 12 years ago, the vision named MHG started developing in Mikkeli, Finland to kill the problem and revolutionize the forest and biomass supply chain business through digital services. Mr. Huurinainen got more than 35 years of experience in IT and clean tech business. He got five academics degree in Forestry and Biology. According to him, forest estates act as a ‘sandbox’ to test MHG’s ICT services.
Development in Deep-rooted Competition Era 
Energy sector is evolving very fast by taking advantage of digitalization. As a consequence, there is a production of huge volume of data which makes it very complex to manage, analyze, and therefore further utilize it. Dealing with the volume of data produced and the velocity, at which it is being produced, is without doubt a challenge for organizations. Another big trend is that it is sensing forestry big data which can act as a powerful competitive edge for MHG Systems in future.
To remain competitive in day to day business, MHG Systems is realizing innovations via its participation in EU research projects where EU wide best stakeholders from the sector are collaborating with each other to develop the most innovative and useful services and products. Furthermore, it has already set the strategy to start developing big data services in forestry business. The aim is to develop and pilot novel add-value big data services for customers hand in hand with end-to- end network in forestry. This service can be commercialized as software as a service (SaaS) to timber buyers, services providers, manufactures, forest owners, insurance companies, banks, and other potential customers. Therefore, with big data, there exists an opportunity to understand heterogeneity across different big data sources in order to extract important common features, even when there are large variations.
Catalyst for Clients 
MHG Systems is focused on taking advantage of behavioral information of forest owners to give feedback to forest service providers in order to help them in gaining more deals. It improves the probability to close timber sell deals and decreasing the need to local knowledge or presence meaning more sparse procurement staff needed. MHG Systems also helps small service providers to find more deals from wider area covering the whole country/region. Additionally, forest insurance companies can pay compensation not based on policy but rather based on actual damage using its service. MHG Systems is committed to serve Forestry and Bioenergy sector clients by offering four most advanced state of the art services as follows:

  • Wuudis: Full range service in digital forest property management platform connecting forest owners with local contractors, timber/biomass buyers and authorities.
  • MHG Biomass Manager: The most complete solution for bioenergy production, procurement, managing, harvesting and logistics.
  • MHG Mobile: Mobile real-time management of forest assets, biomass and human resources enabling more productive business models.
  • MHG Bio-Plant Optimizer: Feasibility assessment service for Bio-energy Investment.

Imagination to Ground-Striking Ideas 
Innovation is one of its pillars therefore MHG Systems is continuously looking for a unique approach towards industry and market competitors. It has embraced the value of the big data with open arms. The combination of software development and forest data has brought interesting new launches that are still under development.
Currently, MHG Systems is working on the development of Forest big data as a service to handle distributed heterogeneous and very large data sets in forestry business, configure predictive analytics, integrating advanced visualization services as well as big data acquisition. This will enable wide network of public and private actors to cooperate on the availability and quality of forest data as well as utilization of it in daily business and authority control operations.

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