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Matthew Telesca | Founder & CEO | MGN Logistics

MGN Logistics: Creating Supply Chain Solutions with Expertise and Technology

Technology has changed the way business is done. Today, customer and product location is no longer important. Product travels across the globe with the promise of rapid or even same-day delivery.  And to make those promises come true, logistics providers are streamlining processes and creating new Supply Chain Solutions assisted by enhanced technology.

The logistics space, like so many other industries, continues to be disrupted by new and compelling technology. Advancements have increased productivity in the supply chain and minimized costs, while reducing errors. The benefits are being reaped by all areas of the industry, from over-the-road transportation, railways,  international shipments (waterways and airways), as well as supply chain and logistics management.

In addition to the technology, new entrants have pushed the envelope of an already crowded space, creating a race to develop the fastest delivery supply chains.  Now, more than ever, logistic companies need to show and adopt genuine improvement through better technology. As these changes occur, many are being spearheaded by those companies that not only possess the technological vision, but also the transportation and supply chain real-world experience.  Highly adaptive and specialized companies like MGN Logistics, Inc., have distinguished themselves as industry leaders.

An Industry Stalwart

An early pioneer of the web-based Transportation Management System, MGN Logistics’ innovative and proprietary Transportation Management Software (TMS) was designed by experts in the field.

Their TMS platform has been the backbone of some of the country’s largest 3PLs for many years. Originally launched as a fully automated freight marketplace online called logisticsquote in 2000, the website was sold to a group of private equity investors in 2004, after exponential user growth.  Building upon the company’s early success, in 2007 MGN acquired a Boston-based freight management company and launched an entirely new TMS.”

With a focus on cutting edge technology, the company continued to develop unique transportation modules, which included predictive pricing, extensive KPI metrics and intelligent transportation routing, which outpaced all major players in the space.  By 2009, the company had opened offices outside of Philadelphia, Boston and Orlando to assist with demand.  Then in 2013, the company opened an office in Santiago, Dominican Republic and developed an international TMS platform.

In 2014, the company continued its expansion and acquired a specialized truckload brokerage in New Jersey, and the following year, made another strategic acquisition of a Chicago-based digital freight brokerage with a unique proprietary truckload pricing app. Then again in 2018, the company acquired one of the leading parcel auditing and management software firms, along with their exclusive Rating Agreement Management System (RAMS).

Today, MGN operates with offices spanning Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Chicago, Orlando, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  A five-time recipient of Inc. magazine’s prestigious recognition as one of the country’s fastest-growing private companies, MGN has continued its explosive growth through numerous acquisitions and organic growth with no outside investors.

What MGN Offers

MGN Logistics’ cloud-based TMS supports all modes of transportation including Truckload, LTL, Ocean, Air, Rail, Intermodal and Parcel, providing customers with a powerful, yet easy to use, single platform for their entire supply chain. MGN’s state-of-the-art, NextGen platform offers seamless integration into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or can be implemented as a stand-alone solution.
Functionalities include mode and carrier selection, rate optimization, automated tracking and tracing, including GPS, freight bill auditing and payment, along with business intelligence, blockchain, artificial intelligence and sophisticated analytical tools. MGN provides the highest level of consulting intelligence coupled with technology to implement best practice, compliance, and auditing to maximize all available opportunities for improvement.

An Inspiring Leader

Matthew Telesca is the Founder and CEO of MGN Logistics. Telesca is a serial entrepreneur, investor and successful businessman.  After early success of selling his first start-up, Telesca focused on building MGN to be one of the logistics and supply chain industry’s premier technology companies. His background in finance and logistics management, as well as software development, positioned him perfectly to lead an industry that was only in its infancy, with technological developments in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

As CEO, Telesca is someone who inspires those around him to see and follow the company’s vision. He acknowledges that often the best innovation doesn’t come from a single person, but rather, from a collaboration of different individuals with a diverse set of ideas that ultimately come together to create something special.

At MGN, Telesca and his executive team strive to create a corporate environment where employees are empowered to think about innovation and make suggestions. The managing team not only encourages participation but incentivizes other team members to engage in creative thinking.  MGN has crafted a specific strategy to look ahead and innovate, and this has helped to align the direction of their ideas and the execution of the implementation.

Why Clients Prefer MGN

MGN Logistics offers customers reliable and high-quality services that optimize all facets of logistics operations.  Clients often benefit with immediate cost reduction from carrier and mode optimization and full transparency into all shipment invoices. Clients get real-time visibility into any shipment metric, vendor shipment execution and compliance reporting. MGN’s features utilize artificial intelligence for optimization, blockchain for enhanced data security and also provide clients access to live market data.

Since the beginning, MGN Logistics has been at the forefront of immersive freight data visualization, optimization and outright creativity. MGN has always believed that data collection and more importantly, accurate data analysis is a crucial part of true business intelligence. It has developed one of the most robust freight analytics dashboards in the industry with comprehensive drill-down capabilities and super-intuitive user controls. “Our reporting suite is designed not just to engage the executives with information, but to assist in real-time decision making,”  Telesca responds.

Words of Wisdom

As a successful entrepreneur, Telesca believes that entrepreneurship requires grit and discipline.  “You have to be able to get back up when you fail.”  He says, “Everyone wants to be successful and yet, for the majority, success is very elusive. However, I always worked while thinking you never truly fail unless you stop trying.”

His advice to budding entrepreneurs is, “Be prepared to work above and beyond everyone else. You should be the first one in the office, the last one to leave, so you can inspire those around you.  And you should be willing to do what everyone else only talks about doing. If you have this quality, then, perhaps you have one of the necessary building blocks to creating a successful business.”

Evolving with Time

Along with advances in technology, come challenges. Today shippers have more choices than ever before, but the marketplace is full of dated legacy software that has been rebranded as something new.  All too often shippers have purchased software or services that are using old technology. MGN Logistics, on the other hand, has not only been a part of the industry’s original pioneers but has continued to be one of the leading innovators at a pace beyond their competitors.

Today, MGN Logistics is one of the top 3PLs in the country with an award-winning TMS designed by logistics professionals using only the latest technology.  MGN continues to innovate and lead, inspired by founder and industry veteran, Matthew Telesca, MGN has launched a new technology start-up in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  AI Logistics will explore opportunities and focus on integrating blockchain technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to efficiently optimize some of the industry’s antiquated processes.