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MFEC Public Company Limited: An All Inclusive IT Service Provider

As technology continues to rise and thrive, the necessity for a “one-stop shop” IT provider is becoming increasingly essential. By amalgamating all of IT solutions into one single provider, companies can reap benefits of reductions in cost and better communications. Consuming services from only one provider can reduce complexities and increase efficiencies for the company. One establishment helping achieve these possibilities is MFEC Public Company Limited.
MFEC Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based IT service provider. Their services range from IT consulting, custom design & development, training and after-sales services of the solution sets. MFEC relates to hardware and software infrastructures, network equipment, software package customization & enhancement, and software development.
Leading from the Front
MFEC’s President and CEO is Siriwat Vongjarukorn, a respectable entrepreneur with an outstanding engineering background. He has received his bachelors in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University. Siriwat also holds an honorary doctorate degree in Information Technology from Sripatum University.
Siriwat established MFEC in 1997 and has led the organization through great difficulties in the past. With his hard work and leadership, MFEC was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand only after 6 years of its establishment. Currently, MFEC is one of Thailand’s most well-known and leading IT service providers.
With his keen perception of IT industry’s future, Siriwat correctly reads economic and technology trends and promptly takes action by coming up with strategies to become a part of the digital movement while not forgetting MFEC’s customer centric ideology. Siriwat states, “Those who can deliver and develop solutions in response to customer’s problems and needs in the most practical ways will have an advantage over competitors.”
Diversified Range of Services
MFEC offers a wide range of high quality services and solutions specializing in Disaster Recovery, Data Protection and Security. Cutting edge technologies and solutions offered by MFEC include:

  • Cloud Services: MFEC is a complete service provider of cloud services. It includes consulting, designing, building and overseeing the cloud for systems and customers in the enterprise. Additionally, it also includes an outsourced service that provides customer service and after-care administration.
  • Digital Enterprise Solutions: Organizations need to adapt their business models and processes to digital platform, such as upgrading their business through mobile applications or using new technology. The organizations that are changing rapidly need to have the tools and solutions efficacy which MFEC provides by dividing the solutions into 4 areas namely IT digital analytics, IT digital experiences, IT digital formation and IT digital collaboration.
  • Business Applications: It is a part of the development of the system or solution for the customer by using technology from partners or developing it themselves. Here, MFEC looks at customers as consociates by offering them the best solutions and business models while recruiting quality personnel to provide them these services.
  • Cyber Security Services: MFEC’s Cyber Security has a team that can keep their customers safe from cyber threats with professional services quality products. The services are divided into network security, application security, content security, security consulting services and managed security services.
  • Digital Information Services: MFEC has adopted business concepts and solutions to help digital businesses grow with partners. For sustainability, there are four solutions provided by them including database solution services, big data solution services, analytic & business intelligent and application infrastructure services.

MFEC has plenty of technology solutions to choose from and as a result, they can offer both, on-premise and on-cloud software depending on customer’s needs.
Setting Themselves Apart
MFEC separates themselves from their contemporaries by being an all-inclusive one-stop-service. It does so by providing complete IT solutions and services including hardware & software layer, inclusive consultation, application development and services. MFEC assures its valued customers that its teams of professionals are well-equipped and trained with proficient experience and understanding while providing the services.
MFEC also has firsthand experiences in implementing complex IT solutions and delivering high quality services to customers from a plethora of different industries with majority of the customers being considered as leading institutions in their respective field.
Most importantly, MFEC does not limit itself to only trading business model. It is open to co-investment, revenue sharing and other business model. By keeping an open mind, the willing to accept new ideas, and accepting feedback, the company is determined to always improve and satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations which set it apart from its competitions.
MFEC on the VMware Platform
MFEC’s take on the future of VMware platform is that there is a lot of potential and room to grow even greater in the IT industry by adapting to other business ideas both, on-premise and on- public cloud.
In addition to this, MFEC is working on initiative of software define datacenter solution and automated & intelligent operation which will include contributing to the growth of VMware platform in the industry with its professional teams.
Lastly, MFEC promises to become the leading and most trusted IT service provider regionally and nationally by continuing to develop excellent quality products and services. Furthermore, it commits to be a leader in the country’s IT human resources development which will create value-added jobs for local communities.
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